New Skilled Occupation List April 2010

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Jason Cameron, one of the Registered Migration Agents who regularly contributes in our forums recently posted a link to the new Skills Occupation List stating : Anyone interested in future skilled occupation list mid this year can gain some insight into the occupations that Skills Australia are proposing/considering. You can find the draft list on page 87 of the following link.

Philip Bullock, chair of Skills Australia introduces the document as part of ‘a National Workforce Development Strategy for Australia, stating the objective to sustain economic growth, avoid future skills shortages and raise productivity by increasing and deepening the skills of Australia’s workforce.

You can read the full document by clicking on the following link: New Skilled Occupations List 2010

The new SOL got a mixed result within our forums and we’d be interested to get your own views by posting a comment below.

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i am wondering to study in Australia , but i am afraid that if i do IT in programmer developer , but what after if i complete my study and government of Australia elect this course so what will be happen , ?? and tell me is it easy to get Qualified for PR ?


Hi i am doing graphic designer diploma which is ending on next year july 2011 is there any chance to get PR or have to change the course?


I am too affected by this. All my time & money is wasted as the job category I was planning to apply for GSM is no more in the New SOL list. It is a very unfair and injustice decision which was brought in suddenly. Why no we all get together and send a petition to the Govt?

They should have given a time gap from the time they were to make such a nasty change. Who is responsible for the loss of our time & money and our future!!


I am a Land Survey Technician (ND Land Surveying) I am not sure if I am still on new SOL, because it just stated “Surveyor”



I am very much confused after this list. My profession was 2231-79(SAP)in the old SOL and i just got the positive assessment from ACS on this. In new SOL, they have mapped 2231-79 into 261399 (SAP) but I can only apply under visa 176 (SOL – Schedule 4). I cannot apply for 175 (SOL-Schedule 3). I dont know why they have done this? SAP is very hot these days and I am BI/BO consultant which are very hot in the market.

Please update if i am wrong.


Aisha: I am a computer system auditor. having exactly the same problem as you, where my profession is only on schedule 4. and the state migration plan has yet to be released. have you come out with any solution/alternative?

Meghana Brahmbhatt

Dear Sir/Madam,
Hi, I am doing Diploma Printing and Graphics (pre press) and I vl finish my course in 2011 so in this base I am eligibale for pr or not?

Hi I am doing Hairdressing course and have to finish my study in year 2011. Can i eligible for Permanent residence (PR).


hi, i m currently doing hairdresing course i just want to know that i can apply for tr and pr, if yes then how can i apply for that and what’s conditions for apply.thanks



I have completed my degree in IT specializing in Comp.Systems and Networking. But have nearly 3years experince as a Hardware/Network support officer. Do I have a chance with the new SOL or any alternatives?


I want to know about Engineering Technologist anyone can advice me about that electronics engineering technologist is in same category.



I’m annoyed by the suspension of the subclass 175 visa. I had all my documents and evidence ready to apply as a Mechanical Engineer at the end of May, now there is a chance of that not being on the list, and I have to wait until end of June to find out.




This is indeed a morally corrupt government and so is the Minister for Immigration and his advisers. The new Skills occupation list has finally been published. Despite all the rubbish that has been published about cooks and hairdressers and easy pathways to PR, the reality is that the government has used these occupations to cover up its real and sever attach on overseas students ande their ability to stay in Australia. The changes will most certainly kill off Australia’s $15 billion Education Industry and recent figures confirm the alarming decline in Student visa applications to Australia.. The SOL list has… Read more »


Hi jk I am an Australian but after being at tafe for 2 years now i become really friendly with some international students. Its Saturday night here and rather than going out and partying (so to spk) i am at home, talking with one of my friend, trying to figure out how she along with a few others friends in our group can some how stay in Australia. After reading your article, I 100% agree with you and you just summed up all my feelings on this issues. While immegration says that the new list will take affect on the… Read more »

Judith Obbard

Hi RF, I am writing a year or more after your post but I just want to say ‘Amen’ to all you say. My daughter was studying Graphic Pre Press. She is artistic/creative and has always been interested in design. We came from the UK in 1999 and she went to school here taking her two years for TEE. It took a while for her to find her feet and focus on what she really wanted to do. It it hard when you are not a resident and are restricted to visa rules. She did not want to study things… Read more »

Judith Obbard

Hi Just realised that I called you RF instead of JK – not sure where I got that from! Sorry


I’m ecstatic to see police is now on the list. I had an inkling that it may be when all the Australian forces announced that they would no longer be running UK recruitment programmes despite still needing the extra staff.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays on the final list!


I m currently doing My BTLP from CDU, NT.Im going to finish my study by 2011. Do you think I will be elligible to apply for PR with my course? Is Teaching and Learning in SOL list?
Hoping to see your reply. Thank you.


Hi…i have done MBA in (Marketing&HR).have 1 yr experience in marketing is there any chanceto get work permit for australia?????????


Hi Mani, you are not the draft SOL list released by Skills Australia on 5th March 2010. However, please don’t panic as there could be many more occupations still included on the new list when it’s released on 30th April 2010. It is very disappointing to see Australia’s immigration department for treating international students as cash cows. Many hopes for residecy have definitely been dashed and this will definitely have a serious impact on Australia’s education industry in the near future.


The new SOL list has not been published by the end of April as promised and it will now be published in May sometime. What a mess! If the government makes good its promises about the occupations that will dissapear from the list there will be widespread chaos. More Schools will close overnight as students attempt to transfer to new courses leaving these schools without students. The problem is, that these students cannot transfer to new courses and new schools at will because there are regulations in place that compel student to stay with their current schools and courses until… Read more »


I have completed complete CertificateIII in Graphic pre press and now iam doing Diploma in Multimedia. Is my course still in the list


Hey there… I don’t think Multi media was ever on the list and if it was… Is not now… Check out the SOL list on the immigration website.

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