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While planning for our move down under over 13 years ago now, I used to get a really big kick out of watching any TV shows that provided a glimpse into life in Australia.

It transpires several years later, the TV stations got onto the idea with hundreds of TV episodes of programs such as the BBC’s Wanted Down Under hitting the airwaves.

Many of these Episodes made great watching, however now, some of these are rarely re-shown.

To help highlight some of the more insightful episodes, we’re launching a new TV show category today with the aim of showcasing some of the better TV shows.

We’ll be sharing shows we have found on Youtube for this new category.  Like many things on youtube, some are better than others and videos can sometimes be taken down.

We’ll look to keep on top of this as much as we can, however, if you find a TV show article (or any article for that matter) with a broken link, then please let us know by using the “Report Issue with this content” button at the bottom of the post.

I hope you enjoy this new section.

Cheers. Mark :) 

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