One year in Australia – Time flys when your having fun!

Getting Down Under Australia

One year in Australia - Time flys when your having fun!I can’t believe that it’s been one year today since we first set foot on Aussie soil.

It only seems like two minutes since we were saying our goodbyes and leaving the UK.

So much has gone on in the last twelve months. We’ve struggled to find rental accommodation, we’ve bought a car for the missus and for me, we’ve had a beautiful baby girl and we’ve bought a house!

To say the last 12 months has been busy would be an understatement but what a fantastic and exciting 12 months it has been.

I really can’t even begin to explain how at home we now feel here in Australia. :)

Anyways; I’m going to write a more substantial Blog entry about the good and bad of living in Australia in the coming weeks.

Now we’ve been here 12 months I recon we’ve all learnt quite a bit about living here in Aus although the next entry will need to wait for another day as I’m away in Sydney on business all next week and I need to pack

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been in Sydney during the summer. Last time I flew to Sydney it was winter (July time) so I’m hoping it won’t be as chilly this time.The missus, Junior and Junior number 2 will be staying home in Sunny Perth. It’s hard when I go away with work but it kinda comes with the territory unfortunately. :( This should be the last time for a few months anyway.

Hey, whilst I remember, my parents are coming to Australia for 6 weeks in January :)

I’ve really missed the folks and it’ll be great to catch up.

I’m mindful that six weeks is a pretty long time. It seems that the folks were thinking on the same lines to as thankfully they have booked a holiday rental which is just down the road for four out of the six weeks of their stay.

Perhaps it was the thought of waking up to a crying baby every morning that put them off!

They will still be stopping with is during the first and the last weeks of their stay though but it’ll be great to have this time with them.

Anyway, although I’m a bloke I recon I better start packing. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow :)

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Hi Mark, Congratulations on your first year in Australia! It sounds like it’s been an action-packed and rewarding year! Glad to hear that you’ve settled so well in Australia.

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