Ooh what a real scorcher

made the move to australia

Ooh what a real scorcher the weathers hotting up in Perth

I remember back in July I wrote a post about how damn warm it was in the UK during one of our annual heatwaves.

Walking along Hay Street in Perth’s Central Business District this lunchtime I realised what a scorcher really felt like.

The weather is really hotting up here in Perth at the moment but I must say, even though walking around the city streets can be a sweaty affair, I’m certainly not complaining.

Enjoying weather like this in December is something we had been looking forward to for years.

Even now we can contemplate the option of going out to the park with a picnic tonight for dinner as the evenings are starting to warm up to.

Its 4:38PM at time of typing and the temperature outside is 97F. Tonight it will still be plenty warm enough to enjoy some food alfresco style..Happy Days :D

PS. For those who are interested in the current weather in Perth, you should be able to see a nice little widget I’ve added from the weather.com website.

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