Our First Christmas in Australia

Our First Christmas In Australia - Blog - July 2022

Well, yesterday was our first Christmas in Australia and the day lived up to all of our expectations?

Our little boy did really well, sleeping through until about 7am. Then we all went downstairs to see if Santa had been!

It transpires that Santa managed to find his way to our new home in Perth, crawled down the air conditioning shaft and deposited a great selection of gifts under the tree.

It was a beautiful morning. At I guess I would say it was in the early to mid 70’s fahrenheit when we all woke up.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we had a stroll around the park (just over the road from where we live) to try out the new ‘big boy’ bike our little lad had received as one of his presents.

Christmas dinner consisted of cold hams, prawns, roast beef (and some Christmas pudding) followed by a swim in the pool.

It got very hot yesterday, peaking at about 96F. I guess traditionally we always thought that we would end up going to the beach on Christmas day but it was too hot.

Funnily enough, local Aussies think its quite strange how all the poms think they spend Christmas day on the beach.

The only people you’ll probably see on the beach on Christmas day are tourists or those who are spending their first Christmas here. Most if not all home grown Aussies will be stuck in a nice shady spot at home or in a park.

We decided to save the beach for some other day, I’m sure with the weather and the temperatures yesterday the sun will have taken it’s toll on those who went over the top with the turkey and beer but not the suncream!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you had a great one!

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