Our Mate Marmite – The Australian Drought Is Over

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Our mate is back - And it's all mine!
Our mate is back – And it’s all mine!

Before I even begin this entry I must take a few moments to apologise to the 1500+ folks who have decided over the last 12 months to subscribe to our free newsletter so they can benefit from receiving our “latest breaking immigration news” articles as they happen!

It’s easy for me to forget that I started this site as a personal blog back in January 2006 and since this time it’s evolved into more of an online immigration magazine which makes the following blog entry (and the email our subscribers will get) seem that little bit more random.

Anyway… I’ll get to the point. Marmite!!

Back in August 2007 I wrote a blog entry titled “Marmite vs Vegemite – Buying Real Marmite in Australia”. In a nutshell I’ve been a big Marmite fan for many years and struggled to find the yeasty substance here in Australia until I found that the Marmite you get back home in the UK is rebranded here in Australia under the name “Our mate”!

The article attracted quite a bit of attention from other Marmite fans, however of late I noticed that the yummy brown stuff was getting harder and harder to get hold of and this was validated by some of our visitors to. Perhaps an Australia wide Marmite drought was on the cards????!!!!.

One of our readers; Olivia commented:

I moved to Brisbane 3 years ago, along with a couple of 750g jars safely packed in my suitcase, just in case. Quickly found out about Our Mate, relief. A few weeks ago, catastrophe!! I go to Coles, it isn’t there anymore. I had bought the last jar on display a few days before, so thought they had forgotten to re-shelf. I ask a staff, he can’t find it in stock, he gets his manager who tells me their store will not distribute it anymore. He doesn’t know if it’s just his store, are all Coles stores. So I go to another Coles where I’ve already bought Our Mate in the past, same thing. Another one, same again. Aaah! I call Coles Headquarters, and they tell me no Coles stores distribute it any longer! Whatever you are able to find on the shelf is all they have left! I frantically go online to try and find it, I find this Aldi with a special offer $3/jar because they’re getting rid of what they’ve got left, so I head there in a flash and buy their entire stock, 40 jars – but that will hardly last 6 months now that my hubby’s become a junky too!

I went to a couple of specialised UK stores, they don’t have it any more either.

And the search goes on!

Thankfully I’m happy to report that the drought seems to be over. Our Mate is back in plentiful supply at the local IGA (well it was until I bought 7 jars of the stuff) and the staff there confirmed they are no longer having problems obtaining stock.

I hope this story gives hope to Aussie marmite lovers everywhere.  If you can’t get hold of the stuff just yet, perhaps print off this picture, stick it on the shelf at your local supermarket and I’m sure they’ll get the idea eventually!! :)

Good luck!

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