Partner and Parent Sponsor Changes effective April 17

Australia Partner Visa Changes April 2019

From 17 April 2019, a family sponsor will need to be approved before a visa can be lodged. The biggest effect will likely be to applicants looking to lodge applications onshore while holding a temporary visa while in Australia.

As is often the case with legislative changes; the sponsorship processing times remain uncertain at this stage, however applicants may not have sufficient time to lodge their visas onshore during the validity of their temporary visa.

What visa classes will this affect?

The visas classes that will be affected by these changes include (but are not limited to):

  1. Partner (Sc820/801, Sc309/100)
  2. Prospective Marriage (Sc300)
  3. Parent (Sc143, 173, 804, 884, 864)
  4. Child (Sc101, 802)
  5. Dependent Child (Sc445)
  6. Remaining Relative (Sc115, Sc835)
  7. Carer (Sc116, 836)
  8. Orphan Relative (Sc117, 837)
  9. Adoption (Sc102)
  10. Aged Dependent Relative (Sc838)

Impact on Partner Visa Applicants

  • The changes will impact people who are in Australia on a short-term visa for example a visitor visa with 3 months stay period and planning to apply for their partner visa
  • If the sponsorship application is not finalized before their current visa runs out then they need to go back to their home country or apply for any other visa they are eligible for example Student Visa
  • Partner visa applicants with limited time on their current visa may need to make alternative arrangements (Obtain another visa to stay onshore lawfully) while the sponsorship application is being decided

What should I do if I am planning to lodge one of the above visas?

We strongly encourage all applicants who meet the visa criteria to apply before 17 April 2019. If you are in a position to lodge a family visa application by 16 April 2019, it is advised that do so to avoid any delays and extra costs as a result of the new approved sponsor requirement.

What about existing visa applicants?

If you have lodged a family visa application prior to 17 April 2019 you will not be affected by the new approved sponsor requirement.

Are you impacted by the changes

Are you currently looking to apply under one of the Australian visa classes impacted by these changes? Let us know in our comments below.

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