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Redundancy Rates growing in Western AustraliaSo I’m sat on the train on my way to work this morning and it’s not going to be a typical day.

Sure, the suns still shining, the sky is still blue but today I’ll find out whether or not my job has been made redundant.

Like many large organisations, the company I work for is finding times a little tough. Despite posting some healthy profits our cost income ratios (the number of dollars we have to spend to make more dollars) are deemed a little on the unhealthy side.

This means that over the last two weeks the sinking ship I work for has been busily bailing hundreds of members of staff equating to approx 10% of it’s total work force.

I feel a little numb about the whole situation if I’m being honest.

I work with a great team of people and I know that today is going to be a very sad day irrespective of my own outcomes.

Yesterday, approx 40 people who share the same floor in our building were told the news and less than half came out of their individual sessions having retained their jobs.

That’s the sad thing about mass redundancies. I heard on the news a couple of days ago that in Western Australia, one in twelve households have been impacted by the recent economic crisis due to redundancies. There’s a very high likelihood that if you live in WA right now you’ll know someone who has recently lost their job. I already know several and as the cloak of redundancies sweeps across my own team today, some of these people will be my friends.

Being a manager of staff makes the whole situation a little worse to. My immediate thoughts are for my team. I’m entirely powerless at the moment and my natural instinct is to protect those working for me from any fall out. Still the decision has been made by those in the upper branches of the corporate tree.

The Australian Market place isn’t particularly healthy right now but it’s probably healthier than that in many other countries.

As you’ll have read within recent posts I’ve made here at gettingdownunder, the Aussie Government has been going into shut down mode in an effort to reduce competition for jobs amongst out of work Aussies

This isn’t good news for those looking to get into Australia but it’s a reality check.

If you think about it, it’s a decision unlikely to be made by other governments due to the wonders of politics and transparent borders between many countries across the world.

So will I still have a job tomorrow? Who knows.

Here’s hoping I guess

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    I too know the feeling. The company I work for went thru a “slash and burn” approx. 9 months ago, and now less than 50% of the company remains. I was one of the lucky ones who kept their job. It’s a scary process, regardless of which side of the fence yer on (redundant or retained).

    Good luck, and I hope that everything works out for ya.


    Hi Mark,

    I can relate to what you are feeling mate as a people leader this is one of the most difficult (worst) things that your job requires u to do, i personally have had to do this a few weeks back with my team and trust me even though i knew i was not one of the impacted employees each of my feet weighed like a ton on the way to office that day.

    Anyway i hope that you and your team come out of this without many losses.

    Best of luck man and keep the faith.

    We are all with you


    My good wishes to you. It is a difficult situation and I am sure you will be able to handle it fine for you and your team. Look forward to your further updates (hopefully that your team is not impacted too much by the redundancies)!!
    Keep the faith !! May the Force be with you.
    Sanam :x


    Keep your chin up Mark, thinking of you on this very tough day.

    Sarah x