Perth Bushfires result in a smoking weekend

Perth Bushfires result in a smoking weekend - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under bush-fire, bushfires

Bush Fires in Perth Australia 1

I thought I’d write a quick note to complement the photograph that I took of the city from the other side of the Swan River a couple of weeks back.

The first question that might spring to mind is ‘what city?’ Click the thumbnail for a larger version which opens in a new page, if you look REALLY carefully you might just be able to make out the outline of a couple of the larger skyscrapers.

Not very clear is it? Well, let me welcome you to the world of Australian Bushfires

Bushfires are something that I had read about before moving out to Australia. I also remember the big bushfires experienced in and around Sydney that received quite a bit of airtime on the news back in the UK.

This was the first time that I had experienced the side effect of a bushfire first hand though.

The fog that you see in the sky, blocking the view of the familiar Perth Skyline is actually smoke which had blown into the city from a fire at a place called Mundaring Weir, just east of Perth.

This fire had burned about 150 hectares of bush at the time and the amount of smoke generated by the fire was pretty amazing.

Bush Fires in Perth Australia 2

When I first looked at the city from the window of our house in North Perth, I seriously thought that it was just foggy. Then when we went outside we smelt the familiar smell of bonfires.

It was pretty worrying as I had no idea where the smoke was coming from although in hindsight we were pretty safe as Mundaring is some way away and it was simply the wind which had blown the Smoke into the city.

The bush fires in and around Perth did have their victims though. Apparently a women died as she tried to flee a bushfire and 16 houses were also destroyed.

Dangerous stuff eh?

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