Perth Seeking Return To Regional Australia Status

Perth Wa Seeking Regional Australia Statu

It was never the smartest decision by the WA premier, Mark McGowan to take Perth off the list of regions that the department of home affairs considered as regional Australia back in 2016.

Past state governments of both political sides had worked so hard to attain that status and to surrender it for short term political gain has hurt the state.

Now the premier is looking to get that return Perths regional status following a significant drop in international student numbers coming into the state.

If the Premier’s request is successful, it will have the following flow-on benefits:

  • Provide five additional points for completing two years of study in Perth
  • Allow 485 visa holders to gain an extra year on that visa
  • Allow citizens and residents in Perth to sponsor relatives for the new 491 regional visa
  • Allow 491 visa holders sponsored through a state government to live in and qualify for PR through residence in

This is the statement on the WA State government website on that topic this week …

Regional Australia Definition

The Premier has announced he has written to the Federal Government to request that Perth is included in the definition of regional Australia.

The Western Australian Government is working with the Federal Government to progress this issue. Further information will be published on the migration portal  when it becomes available.

As news develops in this space, we’ll be sure to provide an update here on Getting Down Under.

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  1. So if Perth was to get its regional status back would these new regional visas apply to Perth/WA?