Perth to Broome Road Trip

Perth to Broome Road Trip | Western Australia Travel Guide

We are back home in Perth and we are off on a Western Australia road trip so we can finally show you all why our home state is one of the most beautiful places to travel in all of Australia!!

In our first episode, we sandboard in Lancelin, got lost in the Pinnacles before journeying onto Jurien Bay and passing onto Kalbarri for the night.

We woke up bright an early to abseil in Kalbarri National Park, poked our head through Nature’s Window and finally saw the dolphins at Monkey Mia, got WAY TOO excited over shell beach before ending our day in Coral Bay…*takes a breath* what a crazy first few days on our Perth to Broome road trip.

We hope you enjoyed this video titled Perth to Broome Road Trip Though our video guides are designed to provide further understanding into what it might be like to live in the state of Western Australia, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you ever undertaken a Perth to Broome Road Trip?

We’d love to hear your views so please share these in our comments below.

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Donny C
1 year ago

Awesome stuff Guys.. I live in Karratha in North West WA and it is definitely paradise up here…

Yummy Inspirations
1 year ago

Great to see other parts of Australia. I lived in Melbourne for 20 years (now in Ireland) and only made it to Perth in WA. Loved exploring more of Australia, one of my favourites was backpacking from Cairns to Brisbane in my pre-kid days about 15 years ago! Look forward to watching the rest of this series. One day maybe I'll get there with my kids and see more!

Treasure Hunt Foodies
1 year ago

Loved the video! And the music is GREAT!!♡♡♡ Kim and James

Bronte Plug
1 year ago

I love Coral Bay! Went snorkeling with Manta Rays there and was an amazing time :) This is going to be one of my favourites series I can already tell!

Andrea Ryan
1 year ago

That beach with dolphins looks so insane! Definitely going there someday (hopefully soon)!

Melanie Celestee
1 year ago

Oh wow guys!! So this is cool that you are exploring your own back yard really :) I love it! Totally loved the shell beach!!! THAT is amazing!!! Who knew? Lol Keep having loads of fun! Can't wait to on holiday myself! :)

1 year ago

I just love how excited Jess was over the shells! Haha I legit want to go to that beach now aha.

1 year ago

Amazing video!! :)

Indie's World
1 year ago

Yay loved it!

elf 0204
1 year ago

What month did you travel?

1 year ago

As Always, my no. 1 travel buddies. =) I love your vlogs.

1 year ago

I was in Kalbarri a little more than 2 years ago and loved it. Definite chilled out vibes, despite it being Easter weekend at the time and the caravan park we stayed in being absolutely rammed. The gorges are a real spectacle, and if you can, I'd recommend doing one of the aerial tours. Seeing Kalbarri in this video definitely gave me some nostalgia goosebumps. :-)

Lucca Castine
1 year ago

If you want to discover Australia you should do a road trip from far North Queensland to Brisbane and the Gold Coast the road trip blogs are great keep it up

Ella jade Roe
1 year ago

I live in Broome

Western Australia Now and Then
1 year ago

Yes, poor W.A. does get ignored by so many people. We did the same drive back in 1995, it was almost like a different place back then. Great video. Nice to see our home state getting such good promotion.

grace donaghy
1 year ago

I’m going to live in Perth for 3 months soon. I’d like to go on one of these tours but I don’t have anyone to join me- would you say it’s good for making friends? Also how long did the tour last? X

Kiera Rayment
1 year ago

a youtuber from Perth!!
You should come to my town Donnybrook it’s 2 and a half hours from Perth

CreateAndLive FNJ
1 year ago

No other states of Australia could be more beautiful than the WA ❤ … Especially the different colors of sea water and beaches…

Filzah Mahmood
1 year ago

Damn Australia is gorgeous

DroneMotions TRAVEL
1 year ago

Cool video. We loved Broome. Amazing and we enjoyed our stay there.

Sihle Makore
1 year ago

So do they take you back to Perth or do they just leave you to sort that out ?

Alice Motionless Ledger 570
1 year ago

I love this!

Shrinath N
1 year ago

Been to NSW & VIC but WA looks beauty.

SUV Touring
1 year ago

Awesome !

Bec and Conor
1 year ago

WA's the BEST state! :) Great vlog guys!

WA Travelers
1 year ago

Love your video!

1 year ago

Wish I could visit Australia..

Dami Summers
11 months ago

Whatt???? there are so many beautiful places around Perth. Dude you need to get out more!! So much amazing forest, Rottnest, rivers, down south. You say up north is more beautiful? I disagree, you gotta do some day trips. There are some amazing, dramatic places up there for sure , but also a shit load uneventful vistas! Check out the islands around Rockingham for starters!!

REMM Family
9 months ago

We are going to be doing this same trip in December, probably just up to Karratha, but this video was awesome to inspire us. Our channel is quickly becoming a travel vlog from a family friendly comedy skits after our Japan trip! Great channel by the way :)

7 months ago

Really loved the video. How are these tours for single travellers?

Julen Ropitini
6 months ago

Perth a place to be

Flying The Nest
1 year ago

LONGEST TIME EVER since hanging out with all of you!! Soo sorry about the week break we did not plan it at all, just been camping (with zero wifi and internet) for the last 10 days to bring you this series! We are VERY excited to finally show you our home state of Western Australia as sooo many of you are always asking us to show our home more! New 4 part series begins right now!

ahem anyway's what's new with you? :)

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