Perth weather in Winter time

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Perth weather in Winter time

I know I’ve written briefly about the winter weather here in Australia before.

When it rains it really does rain and the temperature really does drop pretty low first thing in the morning.

During the winter months though, what is the weather in Australia really like?

One word – Nice. Sure we have crappy days when it rains but during the day time its still pretty pleasant temperature wise.

Every day at work I’ve been able to pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime without having to stick on a coat, scarf, gloves and a hat.

I’ve still to see any ice or frost first thing in the morning to.

Sure it’s August but season wise we are in the midst of winter here in Australia.

Its forecast to be exactly the same temperature here in Perth as it is in West Yorkshire back in the UK, a very pleasant 21 degrees Celsius.

Not bad for winter, not bad at all.

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