Perth Weather – What A Scorcher

Water Bombs, a great way to keep cool whilst entertaining the kids

perth weather hot hot hotSo this weekend it’s going to be hot. How hot? On Saturday its forecast to be 44 Celsius or 111.2 Fahrenheit in old money.. In the shade… like…hot.. super-hot!!

On Saturday night the temperatures will ‘plunge’ to a sticky 26 C or 78.8 F..! :wacko:

“Oh its hot” or “Gosh its unbearable” or “I need to get inside” are some of the comments I’ve had from visitors in the past who have come to Australia during the warmer months from slightly cooler climates.

For some, the warm and almost constant sunshine is a big attraction to a life down under, when you’ve been here a little while however, and are no longer in holiday mode the constant heat can become a little unbearable for some.

This morning I tweeted the following comment about this weekend’s pending heat

Since tweeting this I’ve been thinking. Drinking a cold beer is great but over a longer period it’s not really very practical, especially when you have two small kids to entertain this weekend (and a missus of course). ?

So what’s a person to do when the temperature outside is hot enough outside to fry an egg? Here’s a few suggestions for activities to consider when the weather is too hot to do anything else.

1. Have a swim in the pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool (like many Aussies) this weekend will be a great day to use it. Make sure that the pool is covered though and apply plenty of sunscreen to avoid coming out looking like a lobster.

2. Pop down to the beach

Beaches in Australia are normally packed on hot days but they are a great choice for those looking to get out of the sun. As well as a nice dip in the Ocean which at this time of year is a lovely 23 Celsius or so, you’ll normally get a cooling sea breeze to help bring the temperatures down to a more manageable level. Probably avoid the beach between 11am and 3pm though. Even with the cooling breeze it can still be far too hot!

3. Go Shopping

All large shopping centres in Australia are air conditioned so if you don’t want to sit at home using your own air conditioning. Why not use someone else’s! I personally hate shopping but If I want to get out of the house and it’s too hot to do anything outside, then popping out to the shops can be a great way to kill a few hours as the temperatures begin to peak. A bribe of some description will likely be required to encourage the kids to join us, however in most cases they can be encouraged at minimal cost.

4. Go for a drive.

On the basis that your car also has air conditioning, then use the opportunity to explore and go for a drive. Australia is a beautiful place and once your outside of most of the major CBD’s, you’ll be amazed and what you might find.

5. Fry an egg

Always wanted to see if it was possible to fry an egg on a hot car bonnet. I may well give it a try tomorrow.

6. Have a water fight.

Over Christmas we had all-out war with the kids using water balloons (bombs) and cold water out of the taps. Clothing (T-shirts) and High UV sunscreen is required, however throwing bombs filled with cold water or squirting each other with high power water pistols (or garden hoses) can be a great way to keep cool whilst having fun at the same time.

7. Go to the movies.

A little like number three in this list but a lot more kid friendly. Go somewhere where you can use someone else’s air-conditioning whilst enjoying an entertaining movie at the same time.

8. Sit in the house and do nothing.

Doing nothing is sometimes the safest and most practical option when the mercury is really hitting the high ends of the thermometer . Thankfully we have reverse cycle air conditioning at home and its ducted throughout every room in the house. It can be expensive to use when you use it constantly and its normally much cheaper to open a window or two. This weekend however it’ll be set at a comfortable 23C with all the windows closed. This might seem quite warm to some but be rest assured, compared to the weather outside, it’ll be cool enough to make you comfortable.

What about the kids? Well, Junior number one is 11 now and has an X-BOX and a plentiful supply of games, Junior number 2 is now 5 and loves doing crafty stuff. She can glue, paint, stick, bend, and manoeuvre stuff into obscure shapes for hours. Lego’s also a popular choice for both of the kids too. Grown up tech Lego for Junior number 1, girly farm yard Lego for junior number 2.

Similarly, the TV over the weekend isn’t bad and we have a years’ worth of DVD’s to watch and plenty of new toys that have hardly been played with since Christmas. Plenty to keep the little ones content.

So there we have it. Hot weather in Australia is not something to be scared by. There are plenty of options to escape from the heat and things to do.

Some parts of Australia will be touching 50C or 122F in the shade tomorrow so I should think myself lucky, still. It’s a whole 40C warmer than it was this time last week when I was still back in Blighty.

For those enjoying the summer heat here in Australia, have a safe and sunstroke free weekend! B-)

For those lusting at the thought of these kind of temperatures. We’d love to hear from you in our comments.


Perth Weather

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