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  • All About Perth – Perths transport system

    Perths Transport System Perth is served by Perth Airport in the city’s east for domestic and international flights and Jandakot Airport in the city’s southern suburbs for light aviation. Perth has a road network with three freeways, nine metropolitan highways and no toll roads. Perth metropolitan public transport, including trains, buses and ferries, are provided […] More

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    All About Perth – Tourist attractions in and around Perth

    Tourist attractions in and around Perth Weeks or even months can pass in Perth without substantial rainfall. One of its main attractions are its beaches, located along the city’s coastal suburbs. Perth’s beaches are not as developed as becahes in other Australian cities. Perth City The centre of Perth is located on the northern bank […] More

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    All About Perth – Perth Education

    Perth Education Perth is home to four public universities, and one private university: the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, and the University of Notre Dame respectively. The University of Western Australia, which was founded in 1911, is renowned as one of Australia’s leading research institutions. The university’s […] More

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    All About Perth – Perth Sports

    Perth Sports Perth is very conducive to an outdoors lifestyle, and this is reflected in the wide variety of sports available to citizens of the city. Perth was host to the 1962 Commonwealth Games and also the 1987 America’s Cup defence (based at Fremantle). Australian Rules Football is a popular spectator sport in Perth, with […] More

  • All About Perth – Perth Culture

    Perth Culture Social structure The “Western Suburbs” between Perth and the Indian Ocean, contain the highest income suburbs notably the locations of homes of the wealthiest individuals becoming landmarks and tourist attractions. The “Eastern Suburbs” around the airport are less desirable suburbs, many light industry and main roads co-exist with the residential areas. Crime rates […] More

  • All About Perth – Perth Weather and Average Temperatures

    Perth Weather and Average Temperatures Perth summers are hot and dry, summer lasts from late December to late February, with February generally being the hottest month of the year. The hottest ever recorded temperature in Perth was 46.2 °C (115 °F) on 23 February 1991. Winters are cool and moist, though winter rainfall has been […] More

  • All About Perth – Perth City Skyline

    Traditionally, Perth and Perth’s Swan River have usually been viewed and photographed from Kings Park, situated on a hill to the south-west of the city or from the South Perth foreshore. The historical record of the view shows clear river banks close to the city and a low skyline through to the 1960s. Since then, […] More

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    All About Perth – Geography and Water Supply

    Geography Perth is set on the Swan River, so named because of the native black swans. A Dutch expedition in 1697 captained by Willem de Vlamingh led to Vlamingh naming the river after the black swans. It is a city that fills the sandplain that lies adjacent to the Darling Scarp known as the Bassendean […] More

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    All about Perth – History of Perth

    Well, as I’ll be living there one day I may as well provide some information about our future home. I’ll break this post into a number of sections Perth is the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Western Australia, and is the fourth largest city in Australia, with a population of […] More