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Phew – What a scorcher – Again!

Perth Weather - Click Map To See A Larger Version Of Todays ForecastIt’s only been a few days since I last blogged about the weather but thought todays forecast would be worth a mention.

All I can say is ‘Hot!’

Last night was hot to. I had to get up during the night to put the air conditioning on and at 2am the temperature was 86 degrees farenheight (32 C)

I love it though. Today the forecast is in the 100’s (40’s C) and I just feel like ‘bring it on’! (click the map for todays forecast)

It’s very easy to winge about the weather but back in the UK days like the days we’ve had pretty much all month so far would make headline news, Just as they did when I wrote this entry whilst still living in the UK.

Logging onto the social networking site; Facebook last night, I see so many status updates from friends in the UK complaining about the cold weather, or having the flu, or the lack of sunshine!

Australia - A review of living down under one year on

Here in Australia, warm sunny days are a given, a fact of life. I can’t remember the last time I woke up and the sun wasn’t shining!

There no need to sit here wondering when the next time will be that we can dust down the barbecue for it’s annual outing. I’d put money on the weather, 6 weeks on Saturday being a good day for a barbie! 8)

Despite the loveliness of the sunshine, there are still people that moan though and there’s nothing worst then a wingeing Pom! Having said that, the Aussies give it a good go to.

I guess if you were born and bred in Australia one hot day after the other could get a little tiresome. I’m happy to sweat it out for now though!

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Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia. Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assistance. If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Community Forums. Please note All information provided on Getting Down Under should be considered in conjunction with our disclaimer. Please seek professional advice if you have any doubts! 

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