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made the move to australia

Its been a while since I last updated the look of the site and to be honest I was getting a little vexed by the busyness of the old template and after the stresses of baby stuff yesterday I wanted to get creative.

I’ve updated the theme to something a little cleaner and hopefully a little more pleasing on the eye.

Its always a little difficult to decide whats best when deciding on the look of a site. I guess I’m just basing the layout on my own personal preferences (which can often be described as a little obscure to say the least).

Over time, I’d like to integrate our forums and Photo Gallary a little more with the general feel of the site but I guess I’ll need to look at doing this when I have a little more time!

As always, you, our dear readers are the people that matter so if you have any comments or suggestions then post a reply :)

Anyway, lets see what baby wonders Saturday will bring. Its a nice sunny winter day today so we are going to go to Kings Park this arvo. Sods law the missus’s waters will break when we are miles from nowhere. Lets see hey :)

By the way, I have a new funky poll feature so let me know what you think of the new look:


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