Port Elliot, South Australia

Adelaide might be the BEST Australian city to visit (Beaches, Wine...)

Port Elliot is a town in South Australia toward the eastern end of the south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is situated on the sheltered Horseshoe Bay, a small bay off the much larger Encounter Bay. Pullen Island lies outside the mouth of the bay.

In this video, we visit Port Elliot and their beautiful beaches before heading into Adelaide. But first a stop at Shingleback Wine in McLaren Vale wine country! So good! Next, some fun at the Adelaide farmers market, and the annual kite festival at Semaphore Beach.

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We hope you enjoyed this video titled Port Elliot, South Australia. Though our video guides are designed to provide further insight into what it might be like to live in the state of South Australia, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you visited Port Elliot in South Australia before?

Have you visited any of the locations featured in our video before? What did you think? Would you go back? Could you live there? We’d love to hear your views so please share these in our comments below.

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Yska Arvihide
1 year ago

Suburban Adelaide is a lot like Northridge, California. "Downtown" is a compact affair with good museums, affordable restaurants and a market. Beach scene is reminiscent of 50's family-friendly affair- none of those Cronulla rift raft. Stirling and Littlehampton on the hills are a wonderful way to get some fresh air into the lungs.

Dallas Nyberg
1 year ago

I'm an Aussie and have traveled most of the east coats of Australia. From the tropical north of Queensland to Victoria in the South. Last year I toured South Australia and I loved it. So far, it is the most friendly state I have been to. Adelaide is, quite possibly the easiest city in Australia to navigate. It's more like a big county town than a congested city. South Australia is definitely the state I would revisit in the future….or possibly, move to, permanently. Cheers

Thomas Hooper
1 year ago

Lol I walked on that walk way like not long ago

Liam Howard
1 year ago

Thanks for visiting our amazing city!

Ranjeet Ghumaan Ranjeet Ghumaan
1 year ago

Nice mam

peter neagle
1 year ago

Ash is on the lookout for icecream ? You just walked past a huge icecream shop next to the carpark you came from, and directly across the road from that icecream shop is a Copenhagen icecream shop lol.

Andrew Wilson
1 year ago

Nice video, guys and yes the beaches in SA poop all over Victoria's awful beaches.

Sarah Bumblebee
1 year ago

It's nice to see adelaide thru the eyes of a tourist

Darkenin Taands
1 year ago

No, its not.

Paisley Carol
1 year ago

Adelaide is Australia’s best kept secret! Shhhhhhhh!

1 year ago

I’m from Australia and the beaches that I’ve been at in Vic are better than the ones in SA

1 year ago

Adelaide, city of churches, is also the home of Australia's worst murders. Is there a connection?

rhiannon carter
1 year ago

lovely to see our home town positively though tourist eyes :)

Victor Fu
1 year ago

I was expecting you to be Australian but you’re American.

Birdie Berger
1 year ago

YES FINALLY USA TRAVELLERS LEARN IT ANT SYD AND MELB… other cities sooooo much better and nicer PEOPLE!

Yanna's Fun Times
10 months ago

I guess you have not gone out after 5 PM. Nothing will be open then. It's just a small Town.

lucy lucy
9 months ago

Adelaide's beach is the Ocean whilst Melbourne's beach is a bay so; however from Melbourne you can drive 1 hour to get out of the bay area into beautiful Ocean beaches.

Killa_ Quack98
8 months ago

Just stop with the accent please I live in Adelaide and we don’t do the accent suggestion go to whyalla for the accent.

Noor Alam
8 months ago

Thank you guys for your hard job.

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