Problems flying the cats down under

Problems flying the cats down under - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under airpets

Some news on the cat front. We got an email from Airpets yesterday evening advising that the cats will not be travelling out today as planned. :(

Apparently, when the vet saw them for their export health certificate she has said that one of the boys has an upper respiratory infection, it could possibly be contagious and therefore he has not passed his health check. Poor lad..

So he’s on antibiotics now and will need to remain on these until he gets a second checkup on Thursday.

Fortunately for us, Airpets is insured against things like this happening, so the re-booking of flights and quarantine space will not incur any additional costs. Another big tick in the box for Airpets.

A lot can be said about how a company operates when things go wrong. So far, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Still a shame that its going to be an even longer stretch in the confines of the cattery for both boys but still, once they get that sunshine on their back the purring will soon return.

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