Quinns rocks beach – check out the ocean!

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Quinns rocks beach - check out the oceanAt the beginning of September I mentioned how gorgeous the local beach was near our new house.

I also spoke about how the Indian Ocean was starting to turn that really nice turquoise blue colour.

I’m not sure why the colour seems to change. It may be the calmer oceans or the difference in the angle of the sun or some other strange thing going on but hey, who cares?

Driving back home yesterday I went the coast route and what I saw took my breath away. I literally had to get out of my car and take a picture to show you guys as trying to describe the scene just wouldn’t have cut the mustard.

The sea was stunning, it wasn’t just going a nice turquoise blue colour, it was almost green!

I’m afraid the photo was taken on my phone so it isn’t the best quality and the colours aren’t the sharpest (or even a good representation of the actual colour) but it’ll give you an idea. ;)

Click on the thumbnail top left to see a larger version.

I got quite a bit of grief from the local Aussies at work when they found out that we’d decided to move to Quinns Rocks, a place many of them class as Woop Woop due to it’s distance from the CBD.

Many of the born and bred Perth folks seem to consider anything more than a 10 minute car journey from the CBD as being out in the sticks but at the end of the day, the fact that this beach is just two minutes from out front door seriously rocks!

Sure, it might take me 35 minutes to get to work but I used to spend longer than that sat motionless on the M62 every morning back in the UK.

So if your reading this from the UK (or elsewhere) and are thinking of making the move down under but need a little encouragement then look outside your window, then look at this picture of the Indian Ocean which will literally be on your doorstep (assuming you end up on the West Coast of Australia of course).

See you soon 8)

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    hi there

    just reading your lovely story about Quinns Rocks. It sounds soooo lovely.

    We are in the early stages of getting things organised for emigrating to Oz and one of our chosen areas is Perth.

    Can you give me some infor on buying and renting here.

    thanks very much from Louise, East Calder, Scotland.