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Quinns Rocks BeachAlthough I’ve not able to post any pictures of our new house in Quinns Rocks yet (by virtue of the fact that we still haven’t paid for it) I thought I’d post a picture of our local beach which is about five minutes away :)

As mentioned earlier today we decided to go down to the beach this arvo for a Fathers day picnic and what better beach to go to than the beach closest to our new home.

As you’ll see by the photos (which aren’t that great as they were taken on my phone but should still give you an idea) the Indian Ocean is starting to turn that really nice turquoise blue colour (click thumbnail for a bigger picture). The sand is still a little full of the seaweed chucked up during the strong winter tides but this will clear in the next few weeks leaving a spotless beach behind.

Quinns Rocks BeachDriving up to Quinns I kinda had to pinch myself. Living in West Yorkshire in the UK, the ocean was a good hours drive away and when you got there (Blackpool or Bridlington were normally the common spots) it was normally a sludgy grey colour and the beaches were full of crap (sometimes literally).

Folks, if your thinking of moving to Australia but aren’t really sure then click on the pictures and think of the possibilities.

Today was the second day of Spring, the temperatures were in the seventies and we were sat outside eating a picnic listening to the roar of the Indian Ocean waves whilst our son played on a nice clean safe beach.

Life really doesn’t get much better 8)

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