Recent IELTS Writing Topics and Questions | Academic, General Training | 2018

Recent IELTS Writing Topics and Questions | Academic, General Training | 2018 - Recent IELTS Writing Topics and Questions Academic General Training - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

What were the real IELTS Writing questions this month? In this video, I will share with you real questions that students got in the writing section of their exam in October 2018, both IELTS Academic and General Training.

Recent IELTS Writing Topics and Questions | Academic, General Training | 2018

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you know i would watch this video for helping myself sleep faster haha

you are uzbek miss?

Hi Please Guide and explain about task one general writing as you explained part 2 in your two videos. It is requested.

Hi there, I know most of you are looking for recent IELTS speaking questions. I took my test just few hours ago today (3/Jan/2019) and so here are the questions:Part 1Do you work or study?Where do you study and is it good place to study?Do you think your school should take an action about the environment?Do you prefer homemade food or eat outWhy people like to cook Part 2 Describe a city which you found beautifulWhere the city isHow you know about itAnd why do you think it's beautiful? Part 3Should government take care of historical placesWhy people visit to… Read more »

I took the test on 29 September 2018.
Writing tast 1 was the picture showing the process of glass bottle recycling
Writing task 2 was about students school exchange programs

And for the speaking part i got a questions of teenagers

thank you. appreciate your effort.

I took the academic test December 8th 2018 and writing section task 1 was about describing two graphics showing information about the amount of people traveling from UK and USA to France within a year, the information was divided by travel proposes, vacations and business.

Hope this helps.

The Bar Chart below shows how deep the snow in a ski resort was from November to April for Three Different Years(YEAR-1,YEAR-2,YEAR-3) (IN Centimetres)——— Writing Task-1

Nowadays Childrens and Teenagers are committing more crime.
-Describe Why?
-Do you Think They should be punished?Why/Why Not——-Writing Task-2

15th December,2018{British Council}

Hi , my test on 13 Dec tomorrow, plz give me a tips related to writing ad reading for academic.

please give us writing topics for the new year 2019.

guys don't aim for the band score which you actually need always aim for the best and practise accordingly to get the highest band as you can because if I'm aiming for 50% definitely I just have chance to get about 30% the what about the remaining??? that's what I meant to say

Simply awesome

Madam you are a great teacher

My exam is 29 November

Thanks dear teacher
U r really best.

I gave my exam and i scored
Listening 6
Writing 6.5
Speaking 6.5
Reading 5 ☹️
Overall 6
can someone give me tips for Reading?

I had my test today task one was a diagram about how to make jum and task two was basicly about the popularity of shopping among young adults and your opinion about the development

Today I had an ielts academic exam. My topic on writing task 2 was:
in most places, the shopping is the most popular form of leisure activity for young adults.
why is this?
do you think it is positive or negative development?
date 10th of November 2018
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Can we have please video about speaking test

I took exam on 26 th. Academic part 2 question was "some people love the modern society while they think traditional values also important". To what extent you agree?

У меня вопросы в спикинге были в первой секции про интернет, во второй секции информация в интернете которую я искал недавно и почему для меня это было важно, и в последней про инфраструктуру города где живешь и наводящие вопросы про это. И в последнюю очередь спросил про мой любимый цвет. (Это он сделал специально, потому что если бы я ответил просто RED, у меня был бы низкий бал)

yes please if you could make a vid about recent prompt questions of speaking , that would be awesome , by the way like ur way of teaching and ur flow .

Can anyone share the topics for speaking conducted on nov 1

Today i gave an ielts(academic) exam and my writing task 2 question was, some people
think it is supermarket executives and producers responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging on product. Some masses believe that it is public duty and they can reduce the amount of packaging on products to avoid to buy them.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.
1 nov. 2018

Had my test today , essay and letter were super easy , listening part was also very good but i am worried about my reading :(
I could not answered all questions , very upset about it

Thank you for lesson I got new ideas

can we please have a video on the recent ielts speaking topics

Hello mam , I have got 5 bands in writing. I didn't complete task 1, I think it remains the half of report so, how can I get more than 6 please give me some advice, therefore I can get good score by your help

come to Saudia Arabia and teach me some ilets

I got 7 overall bcoz of uu thanks my teacher

V Nice Videos

Nice video….

Thank you sis.

My exam is on 17th November

I wrote ielts General on 13th October. The task 1 writing was about q letter to your landlord while the task 2 writing was " Nowadays people marry in thirties, is it a positive or negative development? However I got band 6.5, but my target was band 7.0, so I will be rewriting on November 1st. Any advice please?

The use of animal is no longer neccesary in food,medical and cloth in modern world…
To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Some people say History is one of the most important school subjects. Other people think that, in today’s world, subjects like science and technology are more important than history.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. – 13th October

I got 6.5 band in writing thank you man I follow your tips mam

My exam is in third of Nov

Me also 1nov

Me also 1nov

Plz do make a same kind of the video for speaking section too.

i want to know about tips for reading .. for scoring 8 bands

My exam is 1st of Nov..Any possible tips pls?

My exam is on 1st of nov , any idea about listening and reading like how many true false not given could be there , and maps in listening

Thanks for this video mam

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