Relocation Phil Down Under S02E05 (Gold Coast 2010)

Relocation Phil Down Under S02E05 (Gold Coast 2010) - Getting Down Under phil down under

Relocation: Phil Down Under is a UK TV show hosted by property expert Phil Spencer

British families looking to relocate to Australia call on Phil Spencer to work out the details.

Spencer, the owner of a property search company, surveys the homes, jobs and cultural amenities of a specific region Down Under before making a recommendation, then he helps the families negotiate a deal to secure their desired residence.

In the player above you can watch Relocation Phil Down Under S02E05 (Gold Coast 2010)

Does watching this video increase your own appetite for a new life down under? Let us know in our comments below.

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I want Phil’s job

"we have to find the balance of the two." OK, the balance is that you have to pay 5 million dollars. You can't have the house you want in the location you want for the amount of money you want to spend. Go fuck yourself.

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