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Relocation: Phil down under - Hmm Looks familiar!

Relocation: Phil down under follows “relocation, relocation” TV host Phil Spencer as he helps British people who want to emigrate and buy a property for a new life Down Under.

I’m not too sure if this program has already aired in the UK (or is being aired as I type) however last night I watched the first episode on the Lifestyle channel which is one of the Channels available on the Australian Satellite network; Foxtel.

The best thing is that the first episode of Phil down under followed a couple (Lee and Bronagh) who were looking to move from the UK to Western Australia. Not Only that but they choose Quinn’s Rocks as their final destination.

Whilst Phil was doing his stuff I noticed that some of the streets looked familiar. Then when he took the couple on a four minute walk down to their future local beach I said to the missus. “Hey; that’s our beach!!!!”

It turns out that not only were we watching a program about people relocating from the UK to Australia, we were actually watching a program where the couple ended up buying a new home on OUR STREET!!! How strange is that.

Watching “relocation: Phil down under” from our own home in Quinns Rocks really struck home to us how lucky we were to have the lifestyle that we now almost take for granted. We used to love watching down under TV programs when we were still living in the UK and yearned for a new life in Australia. Seeing a program gushing over the things that are now, for us, oh so familiar really brought home to us how lucky we really are.

Anyway, enough of the gush :) Future episodes of Relocation: Phil down under see Phil visiting the Sunshine coast, Melbourne and Brisbane. If this first episode is anything to go by then it should make good watching. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’s seen the program. What did you think?

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9 years ago


It looks as if I will be relocating to Sydney @ the beginning of the year with new job/new life …. I was looking to get in contact with Phil re “relocation Down Under” and at the same time any info you can provide about where to live/rent/buy in Sydney … it is such a scary move!

Thanks and regards


Leni Hoier
Leni Hoier
10 years ago

As a long time fan of Phil and Kirstie, I was excited to learn of Phil’s series in Oz. The show is very well done. Informative and entertaining at the same time. If anyone is looking for a buyers agent on The Gold Coast we offer a similar service without the television stardom. :) It’s particularly helpful for overseas buyers who have a very short period of time to organize the purchase of property in their new hometown. As an expat myself, I understood Bronagh’s tears when the realization of the enormity of the move hit her. Phil did a… Read more »

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