Second House valuation completed

Getting Down Under Australia

Well, since we had our house valued the other week, we’ve had a second valuation and thankfully they have confirmed a similar price.

We’ll therefore be putting the house on the market early next week (the chaps coming to take photo’s of the house on Monday).

This feels like a really big step for us as we finally appear to be getting somewhere. The house continues to get de-cluttered and looking better and better every day.

Went to Blackpool this weekend to see some relatives. Had a great time although a little too much red wine last night. ;)

Got up this morning and took the dog for a walk on the beach. The beaches at Blackpool are beautiful, the tide hadn’t long gone out so the beach looked really clean. Still bloody freezing though. Saying that at time of typing its only 50 degrees in Perth so theres no great difference.. Oh, other then the fact that its late Autumn there and Summertime here. :)

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