She’s going to blow!

She's going to blow! - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under childbirth

Seriously, how much more can this baby grow before its due to pop out?

We are now at ‘full term’ which the missus tells me means junior number two is fully formed and 100% capable of   doing what baby’s do…. You know.. Turning the TV on, writing emails, all that kinda good stuff. ;)

To say the missus’s belly is massive is an understatement, she still looks beautiful though and the regular addition of oils and sprays has kept the stretch marks at bay!

The frequency of curry’s chillis and other hot foot stuffs is starting to increase in an attempt to encourage junior number two on his way (this little one will be asking for a chicken Madras when it eventually decides to say hello).

Similarly, the frequency and quantity of beer that I’ve been drinking is starting to decrease just in case I’m called into action at 10pm at night.

Really exciting times ahead but I think its safe to say that the missus is now ready to ‘get it out’! :) Poor thing, us blokes really do have the easy part when it comes to this childbirth thing huh?

Hmmm… I wonder what it might be? Anyone fancy taking a punt? Bruce or Shiela?

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    You mean you didn’t check the baby’s gender? I bet for Sheila! Good luck for the four of you :)