Single Sex Schools Vs Mixed Schools

Single Sex Schools Vs Mixed Schools - Single Sex Schools Vs Mixed Schools - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Advantages of single-sex schools and co-educational schools: IELTS Essay Topic. Useful ideas for both sides for either debating or essay writing. This is a common topic in IELTS writing task 2 and also IELTS speaking part 3.

Single Sex Schools Vs Mixed Schools

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I've seen more citations in conspiracy theory videos. I hope this isn't meant to actually teach people


What base is there to your theory that one gender learns faster than another gender? I would like to see scientifically research on this. What does gender have to do with speed of learning? The single gender advantages are bull…

Thank you Liz

Thnx alot mam

Mixed schools are better in my opinion.

I'm better at thinking with a quiet classroom. In math I can do complex equations in my head only if its quite. I can stand even the slightest talking.

Very useful

I want to practice on it…. Please frame a question…. For this topic….. It will be a favor

So your saying I should change to mixed school hmmmmmm????

No I can learn fast daaah I'm a boi

I’m moving from a girls school to mixed soon because a bunch of girls in one school isn’t great also I feel if I stay till year 11 with only girls I’ll see boys in a bad way which I don’t want majority of my friends are boys and going to a girls school has already made me loose friends and they all picked on me and now want to be my friend again girls are very manipulative so over 500 manipulative girls in one school is not great and all of them have a hatred towards boys which is… Read more »

Thank you mam, whole world is following the mixed education system. Which is good. There is a competition between the boys and girls. We learn how to live together.

outraged. not sure this comment is worth my time but here we go1, Would you rather have girls learning how to cope with intimidation at ages 4-11 or when they're 18?2, 'girls' and 'boys' do biologically have different learning speeds on average due to something called puberty, not mentioned in the whole video btw. however individuals all have different learning speeds, also not mentioned.3, Teenage hormones are there to be explored and embraced and not to be hidden. Teenagers need to discover what they're about themselves whilst they are changing. 4, nearly broke my laptop a this one. why don't… Read more »

I hate gender segregation in school and anywhere places it’s makes me to stay single forever

Notice how sexist she is, she's saying girls learn faster than boys which is completely not true, you shouldn't judge someone's ability to learn by their gender, with that being said I don't think boys or girls are better at learning and that this is a bad argument.

why is this about girls

Heteronormative much?

This essay would get negative points for sexist opinion.

Fuck me please

Che cagata

I initially went to a mixed school then a single sex school as a teenager. It was really good for me. I really liked the comradery with other boys. Also my growing sexual attraction to females was never an issue because I wasn't surrounded by girls that I fancied, that would have been a major distraction. There was no fighting between boys, we got on great, there was no jealousy over females. I studied Further Maths & Physics with some really sharp guys, all the girls I knew could never have studied these subjects at the pace that we did.… Read more »

Who is watching this 5 minutes before exam

Someone that doesn't know much will want a mixed school

Single sex schools advantages:

Co-ed school advantages

It's a normal environment.
Classes are better behaved.

I.e fuck single sex schools, let me leave this shit hole please

I just wanted to know that, can we write personal example in task 2??? Is it appropriate???

I was in mixed school for 7 yrs then I moved to antoher country where I had to go to all girls school.The advantages of same gender school shes talking about are not true.

My parents send me to a all girl school and they expect me not to be gay wtf and if I went to a mix school I would’ve had a bf jus make ur mind up mum and dad idc

Ma'am can we give examples regarding our family , personal experience or examples should be universal tell me ma'am which is the correct.please

Ma'am can u tell me all Cambridge books from 1 to 12 are important for ilets prepration.please rply me ma'am

This is a very stupid debate. I've never felt intimidated or adjusted my behavior just because guys were present.

Why less discipline problems?
Boys fight more often in single sex school

Mam, please make a video on when to put a comma and when to keep a full stop in an essay it looks simple but while writing I commit many mistakes. please help :)

Thank u for ur great efforts making these videos … But I think the first point of advantages of single-sex schools (1:40) is not related to this category. It can be added to the disadvantages of mixed-schools … Am I right ?

If I was given this question to discuss for Task 2, without a doubt, I'd pick co-ed being the superior one. It's solely because it has easier to explain points, unlike single-sex. Even many of the points given in support of single-sex here are highly statistical and not at all well known facts. At least for me, I've never heard of the fact that girls learn faster than boys. Girls certainly do develop faster mentally and physically but I have my doubts when it comes to learning speed.

This is kind of sexist

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