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  • made the move to australia

    Getting Down under Gets translated

    Getting down under has been around for a number of years now and during this time we we’ve written quite a large number of articles. I know that it’s a given that you need to speak a decent level of English to migrate to Australia, the IELTS tests see to that, however I’m also mindful […] More

  • Getting Down Under gets a face lift - Site Stuff - Optimized blue ocean1

    Getting Down Under gets a face lift

    It’s been a while since I played around with the look of our site and as I have a little time on my hands (with the lead up to Christmas) I thought it was about time for a change. As time has gone by Getting Down Under has developed from just a personal Blog to […] More

  • made the move to australia

    5000 Members and Counting

    Way back in March 2006 I mulled over whether or not a forum would be a useful addition to our site. Back in the day, Getting Down Under was a relitively new site. We only had a handful of visitors a day (less than 20) but I still wanted to create a place on the […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Australian Immigration Articles – What do you guys want?

    OK, so at time of typing I’ve written over 330 Articles and Blog Entries here at getting down under. Some of these have been pretty useful and quite popular, others have been… well, pretty pants. The content for my Blog entries is pretty straight forward as I’m just talking about what my family and I […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Fresh New design for Getting Down Under

    Hi Everyone! It’s been well over two years since Getting Down Under went live and I thought it was about time that I started to make some radical changes to the look of our site. Some time ago I  added  an  Articles page in an attempt to  try and make some of our more useful […] More

  • made the move to australia

    BBC’s wanted down under drawing in the crowds

    BBC’s wanted down under seems to be drawing in the crowds to getting down under as of late. I actually remembered that last year when the first series was on the TV our visitor volumes spiked as people jumped onto the web to find a little more information about the show. This last week its […] More

  • made the move to australia

    New Popular Articles page added

    I’ve been writing blog entries and articles on this site since January 2006 and its getting to the stage where some of the more useful articles are getting buried deep in the archives. To try and address this I’ve written a new popular articles page. Within this page I’ve provided links to a number of […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Playing around with the look of the site

    Its been a while since I last updated the look of the site and to be honest I was getting a little vexed by the busyness of the old template and after the stresses of baby stuff yesterday I wanted to get creative. I’ve updated the theme to something a little cleaner and hopefully a […] More

  • Default Cover - Edit your Profile to add your own

    So testing this posting via email out

    Hi folks, I’ve made a little tweak recently which I’ll be testing out over the next couple of days. I have set up an email account which automatically (hopefully) posts any emails I send to this account as a blog entry at gettingdownunder. This way, I should be able to blog via my Blackberry which […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Lara Bingle Topless GQ photos equal lots of visitors

    ** update – Newsgab have the uncensored Lara Bingle topless pictures HERE ** Nearly a year ago I blogged about the wonders of Laura Bingle (a name I have since found our is spelt Lara Bingle) and how the topless comment I made attracted a lot of extra visitors to our site. I’ve written about […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    We have feeds

    Hi Guys, I’ve noticed that we have a few people subscribing to updates from our site using the wonders of RSS feeds. RSS What? I hear you say :) RSS feeds for those of you not familiar with the term enables folks to read updates from a number of websites or new services all at […] More

  • Default Cover - Edit your Profile to add your own

    Playing with our sites design

    Hey all I’m testing a couple of new designs on our Blog to see if they work any better or not. Feel free to provide any feedback or comments on the design currently in use on the site. When implementing any new site design I’m trying to make the information within our site as easy […] More

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