Skilled Independent Migration Visa

Skilled Independent Migration Visa is one of the categories within the General Skilled Migration or Skilled Visa group which can be applied for both on-shore or from within Australia or off-shore or applicant is not in Australia.

The General Skilled Migration caters to those who are not sponsored by an employer and the applicant applies on the strength of his own qualification in this type of visa.

Generally, the applicant must have skills and qualifications for an occupation listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL), must be over 18 and under 45 years of age, with good English language ability, and recent skilled work experience or a recently completed eligible Australian qualification, among others.

In the Skilled Independent Migration Visa, apart from the obvious requirement of skill, the applicant must submit acceptable evidence and pass specific tertiary o trade credentials. The applicant must also submit acceptable evidence that they have the necessary or minimum requirements of experience for the specific vacancy they are trying to apply. The applicant will have to hurdle a points test where the applicant’s age and the specific skill, among others will be rated and graded against a minimum passing rate.

Other types of Skilled Migration Visa includes:

– State/Territory Nominated Independent where a particular State/Territory seeking the applicant’s skill will nominate that applicant
– Australian Family Sponsored which becomes available if the applicant has a close relative.
– Independent Regional where applicant finds easier requirements and lower points tests passing.

The migration laws of Australia are quite complex and changes to rules and regulations are not infrequent. The DIAC is the government agency where current and official information may be obtained.

Author: Robert Harisson

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  1. I have a relative who is a citizen of Australia i mean my brother is in Australia he has sent me sponsor should i have any skilled in any job or it is not important? my visa class is global special humanitarian program 202 pleas write me i need to know this ?

  2. Hi,

    I have a relative who is a citizen of Australia will he be of any help to me .. ??
    I came to Melbourne in 2008 to do masters (573 visa) but i changed my course after 6 months of study and completed cert III in bakery and now i m pursuing Diploma of Business Management which will finish in april. and my visa runs out on 15th march. So, what will be best potion for me ??
    My TRA is not assessed as well ..


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