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  • Is Australia Starting to Lose It's Shine For New Migrants

    Is Australia Starting to Lose It’s Shine For New Migrants?

    Today’s article turned into a bit of a rant, however, Australia risks losing out on quality candidates if it doesn’t take the time to more adequately support new migrants looking to move down under.

    In today article, learn what other countries such as Canada and the UK are doing and how the change in US policy presents a great opportunity for Australia (if the government wakes up and takes advantage).

    This is more of an opinion piece so please feel free to share your comments at the bottom of the article. We’d love to hear from you! More

  • Changes To A Number Of Australia Visas Announced

    Changes To A Number Of Australia Visas Announced

    Released quietly last week, the Department of Home Affairs introduced a number of amendments to Working Holiday, Distinguished Talent, and permanent Skilled Regional Visas. We take a look at the latest changes in today’s article. More

  • Which Australian Visa Should I Apply For - Australia Visa Options

    Which Australian Visa Should I Apply For?

    Approximately 12 years ago I wrote an article on this website helping to answer the question about where to start if you re thinking about a new life in Australia. There are lots of things to take into account and which Australian visa should I apply for is still a common question we receive from […] More

  • Fastest Way To Get Australia PR

    Fastest Way To Get Australia PR – A Definitive guide

    What is the fastest way to get Australia PR? Well, we were recently contacted by Pete, a member of the Getting Down Under community who asked us exactly that! What is the fastest way to get Permanent Residency or PR in Australia?

    It’s actually a great question, and given that we’ve never answered this question in the 14 years that we have been online, we thought we’d produce an article to address just that!

    Read about the visa option which has no age limits or English language requirements which is being granted n under two weeks! More

  • South Australia Governments New DAMA Occupations and Visa Concessions

    South Australia Government New Occupations and Visa Concessions

    Is a move to South Australia For You? Today, the South Australia Government announced that they have agreed to a number of significant changes to South Australias two Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA’s). Included in the changes are a range of new occupations (with a focus on healthcare, manufacturing, tech, agribusiness and food production) and a number of new concessions and Permanent Residence (PR) pathways. These changes should (in theory) make it easier to migrate to South Australia. More

  • Top Ten Occupations In Demand In Australia 2021

    Top Ten Occupations In Demand In Australia 2021

    Fair to say that 2020 has been a pretty shocking year for all of us. Everybody’s lives have been impacted in some way or another by COVID-19 and for those looking to migrate to Australia during 2020, it’s fair to say that you haven’t come out of 2020 unscathed. Many of you who had plans […] More

  • Australia Visa Numbers 2020-2021 Budget

    Australia Visa Quota – Big Changes Announced in 2020-2021 Budget

    The federal government announced its 2020-21 budget this week and as part of its plan post COVID recovery, it has released new details regarding its 2020-21 immigration program. it has some pretty far-ranging implication so this one is worthy of a read if you are looking to Australia as a potential new home in the next 12 – 24 months. More

  • Is Australia Skilled Migration In For An Overhaul

    Is Australia Skilled Migration In For An Overhaul?

    A new study from the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), released on Monday, has urged the Australian federal government to introduce a new “intra-company transfer” visa to assist multinational businesses in expanding their operations to Australia. CEDA is a non-profit, independent, organisation providing thought leadership and policy perspectives on the economic and social […] More

  • Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) Introduced

    Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) Introduced

    As we announced in our COVID-19 update earlier today, the Australian government has introduced a new occupations list referred to as the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL). This article aims to cover a little more, based on what we know so far. PMSOL – Key Highlights: Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List contains 17 occupations. […] More

  • Australian visa skillselect invitation round results October 2020

    Austalian SkillSelect Invitation Rounds – August 2020

    The August SkillSelect invitation round data has been published, showing only a fraction of their usual levels. We cover who received invitations and the number of points required to receive an invitation to apply for an Australian Visa, More

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