Skillselect Invitation Rounds – December 2019

Australian visa skillselect invitation round results April 2020

The Australia Migration department conducted its latest Skill Select invitation round on 11th December. Invitations were issued under the Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) and Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)) Visa.

The December draw saw just 250 invitations issued under the Subclass 189 Visa and 200 invitations issued under the Subclass 491 Visa. The minimum cut-off score was 95 points in both the subclasses.

In the Skill Select invitation rounds, highest-ranked candidates are issued invitations. Candidates scoring equal points are issued invitations in the order of the date and time that they lodged an EOI. The candidate who lodged his EOI earlier gets invited first than the candidate who lodged the EOI at a later date.

Skill Select first allocates all the available visa spots to the Subclass 189 Visa. The remaining visa spots are then allocated to the Subclass 491 Visa. If all the visa spots are taken up by the Subclass 189 Visa, then there are no invitations issued under the Subclass 491 Visa.

December 2019 Skillselect Pro-Rata scores

The minimum required score for the pro-rata occupations in the 11th December draw were as follows:

Subclass  Occ. ID  Occupation   Points score 
189  2211  Accountants  100 
189  2212  Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers  95 
189  2334  Electronics Engineer 
491  2334  Electronics Engineer  100 
189  2335  Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers  95   
189  2339  Other Engineering Professionals  95 
189  2611  ICT Business and System Analysts  95   
491  2611  ICT Business and System Analysts  95 
189  2613  Software and Applications Programmers 
491  2613  Software and Applications Programmers  95   
189  2631  Computer Network Professionals  95   
491  2631  Computer Network Professionals  95   

Did you apply recently and are you still waiting? Let us know in our comments below.

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Abi Assefa
5 months ago

thank you so much, for sharing all the information I am waiting you about the next tapes.
I am from Ethiopia.

Vindya Wijayaweera
Vindya Wijayaweera
5 months ago

Are these points for 189 and 491?

Thank you

Vindya Wijayaweera
Vindya Wijayaweera
5 months ago
Reply to  Mark


6 months ago

Hi, thank you so much for sharing this with us.

My questions are: do you have the full list of the approved jobs ? Or were only visas granted for the jobs mentioned above?

When does the invitation round usually opens? First day of the months?

Thank you so much

6 months ago

I know it is a weird question, but for Software and Applications Programmers, do you think that the minimum score to get invited will come down ? I have not applied yet, planning to start the process sometime in 2020 , going by the point calculator i would have scored 90 points if apply in October 2020. Can’t score more than that(unless i have a job offer, this is the max score with 8 years of experience and superior english skills)

6 months ago

No idea from where i can start, i have different qualification in Mechanical engineering and other in education BA TESOL field now with few years of experiences but i don’t know which one suitable to use and get more points in order to move into Australia. First of all i didn’t practice my engineering for many years maybe can affect my job research in field or maybe get an apprentice again, and renew my career if that does it help me to go ahead for easy application process in the future. Thanks for your listening.

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