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made the move to australia

The aquarium of Western Australia - AQWA

Its funny, but even though it seems to have taken forever to get our permanent Australian residency Visa’s it’s only just starting to dawn on me the amount of stuff still to arrange over here in Australia and back home in the UK.

We’ve continued our rekkie during the last few days with a few more fun activities thrown in to try and keep our 3 year old entertained.

Yesterday consisted of a visit to the Western Australia Aquarium. An excellent place to spend a good hour or so. Reasonable prices to, $46 which equates to approx £20 for the three of us.

The aquarium of Western Australia has the largest underwater walkway in Australia apparently. You walk through a 100 meter long perspex tunnel whilst large sharks, rays, turtles and sundry other fish swim over your head. I’ve always wondered what would happen if one of the sharks had a really bad day and the aquarium staff came in one morning to be confronted with a large empty fish tank with one very large (and full) shark swimming in the corner with a guilty look on its face..

Anyway, I digress. After the shark fest we then had a drive around Duncraig which is slowly becoming one of our favorite ‘potentials’.

We also popped into a local primary school to pick up some info and to make an appointment to look around later in the week.

We were told in order to enroll our three year old for the 2007 term we would need to register before September this year.

Registrations are done a year in advance for the primary schools (or at least the one we saw) so it looks like we’ll need to get our skates on.

We also popped into one of the local estate agents yesterday to pick up a few property magazines. The houses are still very cheap. In some areas you can buy a 4 bed detached for under £70,000 although prices are still increasing very quickly.

In some of the more desirable areas house prices have increased by 30 – 40 % in the last 12 months, another reason to get our skates on.

So, all we have to do is find our preferred top 3 areas with decent schools. Get back to the UK. Sell the house, rent a house, ID a house to rent in one of our preferred areas, register our 3 year old in the school, Ship the stuff out, ship the cats out, pack in the jobs, fly to Australia, move in to our new house, get a new job…..and were sorted…Oh yes, must remember to pick up the cats..

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