So where are you heading – take two

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Where Do People Go When They Migrate To Australia PollBack in October I talked about the poll I’d added on the left hand side of the ‘page’ in an attempt to identify which Australian state folks were thinking about settling in.

At time of typing and 569 Votes later I thought it would be useful to give a quick update.

Not surprising (for me); Western Australia is still heading up the top of the poll with 28% of the votes, however Queensland is still proving particularly popularly popular with 22% of the vote with Victoria coming in a close third with 21%.

The back markers are South Australia 15% and last but not least New South Wales with 14% of the vote.

I’m still surprised that New South Wales is lagging back in last place but it goes to show that the Sydney Opera house and harbour bridge aren’t the be all and end all for everyone :)

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