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Getting Down Under Australia

Moving To Australia PollA little while ago I added a poll (which is displayed on the left hand side of every page) to the site to try and get an indication of where folks would be heading to once they move down under.

I’m not sure if the poll is a little bias towards Western Australia because that’s what I’m writing about most of the time and will therefore be the kind of stuff people might stumble upon when searching for Western Australia on the internet.

Still, at time of typing its good to see that its not all about Western Australia.

The rankings for most popular Australia destinations for new migrants (according to our extensive poll of 84 people ;) ) are as follows:

  1. Western Australia (yay!) :D
  2. South Australia (that’ll be Adelaide then).
  3. Queensland (aka Brisbane)
  4. Victoria (Melbourne)
  5. New South Wales (aka Sydney)
  6. Northern Territory

Ok! Its only a bit of fun but the results are still kinda interesting. I’m surprised to see New South Wales down in fifth Spot but its good to see the West and South taking some healthy pickings of new migrants.

If you’ve not taken our poll yet then go ahead :) You’ll find it in the side bar to the left of this post.

Also, feel free to comment to let us know what it is about the particular state that attracts you the most.

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  1. Im a (want for a better term) UK Auzzi, having moved to the Uk when i was 6 years old with my parents just over 30 years ago from Melbourne, I am now in the process of selling up both my bussiness and properties in the UK and finally heading home to my motherland. I have studied long and hard to this question you ask of “where best to settle in Auzz” with my Pomme Family. For me, at least Perth and Sydney seem to stand above the crowd. Brisbane was a serious competitor till i learned that their appears to be the heaviest population of Tiawanese and Asians in Australia. Don’t get me wrong, Im not a raciest in the slightist, but through my own experiences and simular issues in the UK, would given a choice NOT live aside them in dence numbers. Simply, given the huge choice of wonderful, scenic and oppotune alternatives on offer to say the least from such a spectacular country as Australia. After all, I’m Australian, and very very proud of it. Remaining open minded, i plan to go and see for myself soon (April / May 08) prior to migrating back for good, whereas i will be coming to Perth, then across to Melbourne, and upto Sydney & Brisbane checking in with lost family members en-route before making my final choice. If you or anyone has any suggestions as to my overall plans, then I would welcome any comments Good or Bad by email please.
    So, if you meet a knackered pomme speaking Auzzi in your local pub, then buy us a beer, and i will return the gesture as fast as a “Dog on Lino”, and some, just make sure i get back to my hotel please. Till then Take Care.

  2. Your right Justin – No idea where that one came from! :)

    I’m still surprised with the NSW result. I know the restricted post codes in the sponsored visa classes would have an impact but I wouldn’t have thought it would be that great?

  3. Melbourne is in Victoria not South Australia. It’s difficult to get in to NSW which may be why it polls at 5th.