Some Aussie Articles added and a small update

made the move to australia

I’ve added quite a few (pre-written) articles to our about Australia section today. Although quite a few of these articles are probably targeted a little more at the folks going on Holiday to Australia as opposed to those looking to emigrate, they still make some very interesting ready and paint a very pretty picture of Australia as a whole.

Happy reading..

On the house front. No updates from the Halifax since my last update although still not particularly concerned at this stage. We marked the house as sold with the little house company. A great concept and perhaps we may have got a commission free sale had we found them sooner but hey, if were going to spend £2000 shipping the cats to Australia what’s another £135??? A lot I know but in the bigger scheme of things…

Anyway, off to phone the Halifax for another update, who’s for putting money that they completely ignore my call back request!

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