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South Australia and Victoria are having a bit of a heatwave

South Australia Heat Wave And Victorian Bush Fires
Bruces Barbecue gets a little out of control

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about the recent hot weather we were experiencing here in Perth.

We were hitting temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius and I have to say it was pretty warm. We were grateful for the air-con that’s for sure.

Now pop a few thousand miles South East of here to good old South Australia and Victoria and the guys over there are having a seriously hard time of it.

Adelaide has had a 15 day string of temperatures in excess of 35 degrees C which is a one in 3000 year event apparently.

Meanwhile, In Victoria, bush fires have destroyed at least 10 homes with nearly 500,000 people in the state losing power (and the all important air conditioning) following severe pressure on the electricity grid.

I know I’ve Blogged in the past about people who whinge about the hot weather (Aussies can be worse than the Poms sometimes), but I think with a string of hot weather like that you’d have a reason to complain, expecially without any Electricity to power the air-conditioning or even more importantly, keep the beers cold!

Poor Weather? Take It Easy Man

Adelaide’s 15-day heatwave surpassed the previous capital city heatwave record of Perth, which experienced 10 days over 35 degrees in February 1988.

The all-time national heatwave record was set in Marble Bar in northern Western Australia, which had 160 consecutive days at or above 37.8 degrees celsius (or 100 degrees fahrenheit) in the summer of 1923-24.

Now that is a scorcher!

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