South Australia Increases Points Required For State Nomination

South Australia to close for new state nominations from 24th June For State Nomination

South Australia has increased the requirement for state nomination from 80 to 85 points after the overall quota of nominations was achieved under the existing 80 points requirement.

The new points requirement will come into effect from 9 am on 19 April 2017, however, this will not affect applications lodged prior to this time.

South Australia Points Threshold For State Nomination

Immigration South Australia says applications for high points nomination received after this time will be refused if they fall short of the required 85 points.

However, some occupations have been excluded from the high points and chain migration streams.

Immigration South Australia announced on Wednesday that Accountant (General), Human resources Adviser, Marketing Specialist, Sales Representative, University Lecturer, University Tutor, Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist occupations will not be available for the high point or chain migration with immediate effect.

This change does not affect applications lodged prior to 1pm on 5 April 2017. Applications for these occupations lodged after this time will be refused if applying for high points or chain migration nomination.

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3 years ago

Hi sir
My occupation is wholesaler 133312. I have positive skill assessment but my occupation is removed from stsol list pls tell this remove occupation is added in future or not and any other visa to apply Pr of Australia
And can I apply NZ PR under this category

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