Spring is in the air

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Spring Is In The Air - Blog - July 2022I can’t believe that it’s nearly spring! On the basis that the Aussie season is about 6 months ahead (or behind) the UK then the 1st of September here in Western Australia makes it the equivalent of March back in old Blighty.

It’s been a pretty ‘avvo’ winter and it’s felt a little colder then I remember it last year. Having said that, statistically speaking it’s been about as cold as it was this time last year so go figure :)

I’ve heard that it can take a couple of years to become acclimatised to the weather here in Australia so perhaps that’s why I’ve felt the cold a bit more this year. If I think about it, that kind of makes a bit of sense as there has been occasions when it’s been nearly 70 degrees and I’ve still felt a bit of a chill when I’ve not been sat in the sunshine.

Back in Blighty at those temperatures I’d happily sit there in a T-shirt without even feeling a hint of a chill.

It’s funny as its east to forget how hot it can get here in Australia. Our winter this year has been like late spring in the UK with daily temperatures hitting the mid 60’s to mid 70 Fahrenheit. I can still remember the ridiculously hot weather of our Australian summer and I must confess, I really can’t wait for it to come back again!

Despite my best efforts at trying to adapt to the easy going Australian Lifestyle, work has been very busy in the last 6 months so I’ve been working some pretty long hours to keep on top of everything.

Quite frequently I’ve not been getting home until 8pm which means our ability to enjoy the outside lifestyle is limited to the weekends and I’m spending far to little time with Junior numbers 1 and 2.

During the summer time it is frequently over 30 degrees Celsius after 8pm so it will be nice to get home (at a more decent time) see the kids and then sit outside with the missus and enjoy a glass or two of wine. I’ve also booked nearly three weeks off over Christmas so it’ll be a great opportunity to enjoy the Australian Summer again.

Speaking of kids. Junior number 2, our first born and bred Aussie turns the grand old age of one next Saturday. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun (or just busy) but I can’t believe she’s nearly one already. It’ll be interesting to see what the next year holds for all of us.

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