Steve Irwin – Crocodile hunter has died

Getting Down Under Australia

If there is a man who personifies everything great about being an Aussie Bloke, its a man by the name of Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile hunter.

I’m actually gutted to hear that Steve Irwin was killed today by (of all things) a stingray which struck Steve in the side of the chest whilst diving off the great barrier reef.

The animal kingdom has lost a great advocate and Australia has lost a great person. I really hoped that we would get to Australia Zoo in Queensland when we moved out to Australia, I hoped more so that I would get the chance to meet the great man himself. Now the latter will never happen. :(

Steve Irwin’s vibrancy and enthusiasm were an inspiration amid the drab cynicism of the modern world. Whatever people thought of him, the wildlife of this world has lost one of their friends.

RIP Mate.

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