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Quick update…..

DIY frenzy is now pretty much completed. The garden was finished this bank holiday weekend. The en-suite redecoration is complete and the missus is still doing an absolutely fab job packing all our worldly possessions into large cardboard boxes.

We hope to get an estate agent around in the next couple of weeks to see what kind of valuation we’ll be looking at for the house.

Shared the news with work (gave 6 months notice of my intention to give notice). Quite a safe decision (I hope) to share the news at this time as they are recruiting for folks to join the team doing similar roles to myself and they have struggled for the last 6 months to find suitable candidates to fill them.

My news has therefore being given as a ‘favour’ as it enables my soon to be ex-bosses to plan my replacement into their future recruitement campaigns.

Now its all out in the open, it also gives me an opportunity to start openly looking for opportunies for work in Australia.

The company that I work for also has operations in Australia so its time to start to put the feelers out. Lets see what that brings.

More updates as time progresses :)

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