Still here and still waiting for something to happen.

Made The Move To Australia

Well. We are still here :)

Our ‘buyer’ is still to sort a mortgage out so we continue to market our property as best as we can.

The Little house company hasn’t generated eny enquiries (although their hit counter is showing that over 40 people have looked at the property via their site) and the Halifax Estate agency folks continue to be beyond terrible when it comes to their lack of appreciation for proactive customer service.

We’ve been through the old emotional rollacoaster again this weekend. As we continue to market our house, we had a couple of viewings last Friday and one of these looked really positive!

The viewing was actually under quite sad circumstances for the family looking at our house. The lady who booked the appointment was here with her family and sister-in-law who had recently become widowed following the death of her husband.

She was looking for a smaller property close to her immiediate family and by the looks of things our house certainly appeared to hit all the right buttons, so much so that we started having the discussion about money and what we were considering.

I mentioned that the house was already under offer so their offer would need to be pretty near the asking price as our buyer was a first time buyer which for us, not being in a chain and all, was a very good thing.

For this family though, being a first time buyer was nothing. They ‘had cash’ so no mortage was required. They loved the house and could have everything finalised inside two weeks. In fact they liked the house so much they would be ring the estate agent, first thing on Saturday to make an offer.

Woohoo! great news, after the recent dissapointment, this was a really positive sigh.

I called the Halifax first thing to give them a quick heads up that they were going to get a call and to advise them that I’d have my mobile swicthed on all day.

I also wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t divulge the current offer price to ensure that a counter-offer could be as competative as possible.

I was assured that the only time they would detail anything around offers made would be if the asking price had been met. Otherwise, no specific info would be given.

So, we waited, and waited and waited. Nothing!

Its Monday as I type this, I’ve not long got off the phone with the Halifax and they have still to hear from this family!

I’ve asked them to chase them up for feedback but its not looking hopefull! It begs the question though. Why say your so interested and that your going to make an offer if you have no intention of doing so..

One small glimmer of positivity is that one of the other couples who saw the house on Thursday are interested in making an offer. At time of typing though, I won’t be packing just yet.

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