Still hopefull

Still Hopefull - Blog - July 2022

OK, I had a bit of a moan the other day about a family who basically said they were really interested and they would make an offer the following day and yet, alas, everything went quiet.

I’d thought about what could possibly happen to make this family change their mind.

Well, something did happen. It transpires that the buyer was rushed into hospital on friday night which is why they didn’t call on the Saturday.

Thankfully, they are OK and the lasy is due out of hospital today. The ladies sister-in-law has confirmed they are still interested and will contact us when she comes out of hospital so lets see what this week brings.

In other news, a family who saw the property last Thursday have made an offer which beats the current one on the table.

However they have a property to sell and it’s only been on the market for one week.

Still, they are not using the Halifax to sell it so they could get a quick sale. ;)

They are actually popping into the Halifax to see if they can get a second mortgage to act as a bridging loan. Unless they are megga loaded I think it’ll be unlikely.

Don’t feel to bad right now, 2 offers on the table and another potential in the pipeline.

Lets see eh?!

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