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Well, after the events of last Friday it looks like junior number 2 has attached crampons to its hands and feet and is well and truly hanging on in there.

The missus recons it ‘feels a little lower’ today but if that means it’s ready or its just chilling out in the lower uterus who knows.

A colleague of mine who professes to be pretty much the oracle of everything suggested that the missus should drink a large glass of icy cold water.

The logic behind such a suggestion is that the chilly water will make junior number two struggle around in such chilly delight that it would cause the missus waters to break and therefore induce labour.

I mentioned this suggestion in passing to the missus last night over dinner. I mentioned it more as a joke than anything else but my better half is now literally getting to the stage where she will try anything to help GET IT OUT!

So off to the fridge she waddles (in a beautiful pregnant kinda way of course)! She comes back with a huge glass of cold water filled with extra ice just for good measure!

She downed the glass of water…waited for a bit…did a little jiggle to make sure the ingredients were well mixed and waited… Safe to say that nothing happened.

Actually, I tell a lie. Something did happen, the missus ended up getting up for 7 pees during the night instead of the usual 5! I’ve been asked to pass on the wife’s regard to ‘the oracle’ this morning! ;)

Sat on the train it would take me 30 minutes to get back to my car! There are plenty of Taxi’s in the CBD so if I got ‘the call’ I recon I could be back home in about 25 minutes (leaving the taxi driver with a nice fat tip to boot). It’s all pretty stressful at the moment I’ve got to say.

Being in my early 30’s I’d like to think I’m far from heart attack material. If I wanted to test out the old ticker though I recon now’s as good a time as any.

In under a year we’ve sold our house, moved from the UK to Australia, got pregnant and have decided to top everything off with a new house purchase whilst still renting a house with a lease which doesn’t expire until February 2008!

Perhaps I should go back to uni and chuck in some exams!

In other news; it was a beautiful 27 Celsius here in Perth Yesterday, I have the Indian Ocean on my doorstep and generally live in what I can only consider to be the best country in the world!

Na! It’s not all that bad after all :)

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