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STSOL – Short Term Skilled Occupation List – July 2017

Overview of the Occupations Available on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Occupations on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

This list is current as of 1st July 2017 and is expected to be updated every six months. If you are applying for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS Visa) your occupation will need to appear in this list.

Occupation ANZSCO Code List Type Assessing Authority
Accommodation & Hospitality Managers(nec) 141999 STSOL VETASSESS
Acupuncturist 252211 STSOL Chinese Medicine Board Of Australia
Advertising Manager 131113 STSOL AIM
Advertising Specialist*** 225111 STSOL VETASSESS
Aeroplane Pilot*** 231111 STSOL CASA
Agricultural Technician*** 311111 STSOL VETASSESS
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) 323111 STSOL TRA
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) 323112 STSOL TRA
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures) 323113 STSOL TRA
Ambulance Officer 411111 STSOL VETASSESS
Anaesthetic Technician 311211 STSOL VETASSESS
Anaesthetist 253211 STSOL Medical Board of Australia
Animal Attendants & Trainers (nec)*** 361199 STSOL VETASSESS
Apiarist*** 121311 STSOL VETASSESS
Aquaculture Farmer*** 121111 STSOL VETASSESS
Arborist 362212 STSOL TRA
Architectural Draftsperson 312111 STSOL VETASSESS
Architectural, Building & Surveying Technicians (nec) 312199 STSOL VETASSESS
Art Teacher (Private Tuition) 249211 STSOL VETASSESS
Artistic Director 212111 STSOL VETASSESS
Arts Administrator or Manager 139911 STSOL VETASSESS
Baker*** 351111 STSOL TRA
Beef Cattle Farmer*** 121312 STSOL VETASSESS
Book or Script Editor 212212 STSOL VETASSESS
Building Associate 312112 STSOL VETASSESS
Building Inspector 312113 STSOL VETASSESS
Business Machine Mechanic 342311 STSOL TRA
Butcher or Smallgoods Maker 351211 STSOL TRA
Cabler (Data & Telecommunications) 342411 STSOL TRA
Cafe or Restaurant Manager*** 141111 STSOL VETASSESS
Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video) 399512 STSOL TRA
Cardiac Technician 311212 STSOL VETASSESS
Careers Counsellor 272111 STSOL VETASSESS
Chemical Plant Operator 399211 STSOL TRA
Chemistry Technician 311411 STSOL VETASSESS
Commodities Trader 222111 STSOL VETASSESS
Community Worker 411711 STSOL Australian Community Workers Association
Company Secretary 221211 STSOL VETASSESS
Complementary Health Therapists (nec) 252299 STSOL VETASSESS
Conference & Event Organiser*** 149311 STSOL VETASSESS
Contract Administrator*** 511111 STSOL VETASSESS
Cook*** 351411 STSOL TRA
Copywriter 212411 STSOL VETASSESS
Corporate Services Manager*** 132111 STSOL VETASSESS
Cotton Grower*** 121211 STSOL VETASSESS
Counsellors (nec) 272199 STSOL VETASSESS
Crop Farmers (nec)*** 121299 STSOL VETASSESS
Customer Service Manager*** 149212 STSOL VETASSESS
Dairy Cattle Farmer*** 121313 STSOL VETASSESS
Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) 249212 STSOL VETASSESS
Dancer or Choreographer 211112 STSOL VETASSESS
Database Administrator 262111 STSOL ACS
Dental Specialist 252311 STSOL ADC
Dental Technician 411213 STSOL TRA
Dentist 252312 STSOL ADC
Dietitian 251111 STSOL DAA
Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) 212312 STSOL VETASSESS
Disabilities Services Officer 411712 STSOL VETASSESS
Diversional Therapist 411311 STSOL VETASSESS
Diving Instructor (Open Water) 452311 STSOL VETASSESS
Dog Handler or Trainer 361111 STSOL VETASSESS
Dressmaker or Tailor 393213 STSOL TRA
Drug & Alcohol Counsellor 272112 STSOL VETASSESS
Earth Science Technician 311412 STSOL VETASSESS
Education Adviser 249111 STSOL VETASSESS
Education Managers (nec) 134499 STSOL VETASSESS
Enrolled Nurse 411411 STSOL ANMAC
Facilities Manager*** 149913 STSOL VETASSESS
Family & Marriage Counsellor 272113 STSOL VETASSESS
Family Support Worker 411713 STSOL VETASSESS
Farrier 322113 STSOL TRA
Fashion Designer 232311 STSOL VETASSESS
Film & Video Editor 212314 STSOL VETASSESS
Finance Broker 222112 STSOL VETASSESS
Finance Manager*** 132211 STSOL CPAA/ICAA/IPA
Financial Brokers (nec) 222199 STSOL VETASSESS
Financial Dealers (nec) 222299 STSOL VETASSESS
Financial Investment Adviser 222311 STSOL VETASSESS
Financial Investment Manager 222312 STSOL VETASSESS
Financial Market Dealer 222211 STSOL VETASSESS
Fitness Centre Manager*** 149112 STSOL VETASSESS
Florist 362111 STSOL TRA
Flower Grower*** 121212 STSOL VETASSESS
Flying instructor*** 231113 STSOL VETASSESS
Footballer 452411 STSOL VETASSESS
Fruit or Nut Grower*** 121213 STSOL VETASSESS
Furniture Finisher 394211 STSOL TRA
Gallery or Museum Curator 224212 STSOL VETASSESS
Gardener (General) 362211 STSOL TRA
Geologist 234411 STSOL VETASSESS
Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (Aus) / Field Crop Grower (NZ)*** 121214 STSOL VETASSESS
Grape Grower*** 121215 STSOL VETASSESS
Graphic Designer*** 232411 STSOL VETASSESS
Greenkeeper 362311 STSOL TRA
Gymnastics Coach or Instructor 452312 STSOL VETASSESS
Hair or Beauty Salon Manager*** 142114 STSOL VETASSESS
Hairdresser*** 391111 STSOL TRA
Hardware Technician 313111 STSOL TRA
Health & Welfare Services Managers (nec) 134299 STSOL VETASSESS
Health Diagnostic & Promotion Professionals (nec) 251999 STSOL VETASSESS
Health Information Manager 224213 STSOL VETASSESS
Health Promotion Officer 251911 STSOL VETASSESS
Helicopter Pilot*** 231114 STSOL CASA
Horse Breeder*** 121316 STSOL VETASSESS
Horse Riding Coach or Instructor 452313 STSOL VETASSESS
Hospital Pharmacist 251511 STSOL APharmC
Hotel or Motel Manager*** 141311 STSOL VETASSESS
Human Resource Manager 132311 STSOL AIM
ICT Account Manager 225211 STSOL VETASSESS
ICT Business Development Manager 225212 STSOL VETASSESS
ICT Customer Support Officer 313112 STSOL TRA
ICT Managers (nec) 135199 STSOL ACS
ICT Project Manager*** 135112 STSOL ACS
ICT Quality Assurance Engineer 263211 STSOL ACS
ICT Sales Representative 225213 STSOL VETASSESS
ICT Support Engineer*** 263212 STSOL ACS
ICT Support and Test Engineers (nec) 263299 STSOL ACS
ICT Support Technicians (nec) 313199 STSOL TRA
ICT Systems Test Engineer*** 263213 STSOL ACS
ICT Trainer 223211 STSOL ACS
Illustrator 232412 STSOL VETASSESS
Industrial Designer 232312 STSOL VETASSESS
Industrial Pharmacist 251512 STSOL VETASSESS
Information and Organisation Professionals(nec)*** 224999 STSOL VETASSESS
Insurance Agent 611211 STSOL VETASSESS
Insurance Broker 222113 STSOL VETASSESS
Insurance Loss Adjuster 599612 STSOL VETASSESS
Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic 411112 STSOL VETASSESS
Interior Designer 232511 STSOL VETASSESS
Interpreter 272412 STSOL NAATI
Jeweller 399411 STSOL TRA
Jewellery Designer 232313 STSOL VETASSESS
Journalists & Other Writers (nec) 212499 STSOL VETASSESS
Judicial & Other Legal Professionals (nec) 271299 STSOL VETASSESS
Laboratory Manager 139913 STSOL VETASSESS
Landscape Gardener 362213 STSOL TRA
Librarian 224611 STSOL VETASSESS
Library Technician 399312 STSOL VETASSESS
Life Science Technician 311413 STSOL VETASSESS
Livestock  Farmers (nec)*** 121399 STSOL VETASSESS
Make Up Artist 399514 STSOL TRA
Management Consultant*** 224711 STSOL VETASSESS
Manufacturer 133411 STSOL VETASSESS
Marketing Specialist*** 225113 STSOL VETASSESS
Massage Therapist*** 411611 STSOL VETASSESS
Mathematician 224112 STSOL VETASSESS
Meat Inspector 311312 STSOL VETASSESS
Mechanical Engineering Technician*** 312512 STSOL TRA
Medical Laboratory Technician 311213 STSOL AIMS
Medical Technicians (nec) 311299 STSOL VETASSESS
Metal Fitters & Machinists (nec) 323299 STSOL TRA
Metallurgical or Materials Technician 312912 STSOL VETASSESS
Middle School Teacher (Aus) / Intermediate School Teacher (NZ) 241311 STSOL AITSL
Mine Deputy 312913 STSOL VETASSESS
Mixed Crop & Livestock Farmer*** 121411 STSOL VETASSESS
Mixed Crop Farmer*** 121216 STSOL VETASSESS
Mixed Livestock Farmer*** 121317 STSOL VETASSESS
Music Director 211212 STSOL VETASSESS
Music Professionals (nec) 211299 STSOL VETASSESS
Music Teacher (Private Tuition) 249214 STSOL VETASSESS
Naturopath 252213 STSOL VETASSESS
Network Administrator 263112 STSOL ACS
Network Analyst 263113 STSOL ACS
Nurse Educator 254211 STSOL ANMAC
Nurse Manager 254311 STSOL ANMAC
Nurse Researcher 254212 STSOL ANMAC
Nutritionist 251112 STSOL VETASSESS
Occupational Health and Safety Adviser 251312 STSOL VETASSESS
Orthoptist 251412 STSOL VETASSESS
Other Sports Coach or Instructor 452317 STSOL VETASSESS
Pastrycook*** 351112 STSOL TRA
Patents Examiner 224914 STSOL VETASSESS
Performing Arts Technicians (nec) 399599 STSOL VETASSESS
Pharmacy Technician 311215 STSOL VETASSESS
Photographer 211311 STSOL VETASSESS
Pig Farmer*** 121318 STSOL VETASSESS
Post Office Manager*** 142115 STSOL VETASSESS
Poultry Farmer*** 121321 STSOL VETASSESS
Power Generation Plant Operator 399213 STSOL TRA
Precision Instrument Maker & Repairer 323314 STSOL TRA
Primary Products Inspectors (nec)*** 311399 STSOL VETASSESS
Primary School Teacher 241213 STSOL AITSL
Print Finisher 392111 STSOL TRA
Print Journalist 212413 STSOL VETASSESS
Printing Machinist 392311 STSOL TRA
Private Tutors & Teachers (nec) 249299 STSOL VETASSESS
Production Manager (Forestry)*** 133511 STSOL VETASSESS
Production Manager (Manufacturing) 133512 STSOL VETASSESS
Production Manager (Mining) 133512 STSOL VETASSESS
Program Director (Television or Radio) 212315 STSOL VETASSESS
Program or Project Administrator 511112 STSOL VETASSESS
Public Relations Professional 225311 STSOL VETASSESS
Quality Assurance Manager 139914 STSOL VETASSESS
Records Manager 224214 STSOL VETASSESS
Recreation Officer 272612 STSOL VETASSESS
Recruitment Consultant*** 223112 STSOL VETASSESS
Rehabilitation Counsellor 272114 STSOL VETASSESS
Research and development man ager 132511 STSOL VETASSESS
Resident Medical Officer 253112 STSOL Medical Board of Australia
Residential Care Officer 411715 STSOL VETASSESS
Retail Buyer*** 639211 STSOL VETASSESS
Retail Pharmacist 251513 STSOL APharmC
Roof Tiler 333311 STSOL TRA
Sales & Marketing Manager*** 131112 STSOL AIM
School Principal 134311 STSOL VETASSESS
Science Technicians (nec) 311499 STSOL VETASSESS
Sheep Farmer*** 121322 STSOL VETASSESS
Signwriter 399611 STSOL TRA
Snowsport Instructor 452314 STSOL VETASSESS
Social Professionals (nec) 272499 STSOL VETASSESS
Software Tester*** 261314 STSOL ACS
Sound Technician 399516 STSOL TRA
Sports Centre Manager*** 149113 STSOL VETASSESS
Sports Development Officer 452321 STSOL VETASSESS
Sportspersons (nec) 452499 STSOL VETASSESS
Stage Manager 212316 STSOL VETASSESS
Stockbroking Dealer 222213 STSOL VETASSESS
Structural Engineer 233214 STSOL Engineers Australia
Student Counsellor 272115 STSOL VETASSESS
Sugar Cane Grower*** 121217 STSOL VETASSESS
Supply and Distribution Manager*** 133611 STSOL AIM
Swimming Coach or Instructor 452315 STSOL VETASSESS
Systems Administrator 262113 STSOL ACS
Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages 249311 STSOL VETASSESS
Technical Director 212317 STSOL VETASSESS
Technical Sales Representatives (nec)including, but not limited to, education sales representatives*** 225499 STSOL VETASSESS
Technical Writer 212415 STSOL VETASSESS
Telecommunications Linesworker 342413 STSOL TRA
Television Journalist 212416 STSOL VETASSESS
Tennis Coach 452316 STSOL VETASSESS
Textile, Clothing  & Footwear Mechanic 323215 STSOL TRA
Toolmaker 323412 STSOL TRA
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner 252214 STSOL Chinese Medicine Board Of Australia
Transport Company Manager*** 149413 STSOL VETASSESS
Upholsterer 393311 STSOL TRA
Urban & Regional Planner 232611 STSOL VETASSESS
Vegetable Grower (Aus) / Market Gardener (NZ)*** 121221 STSOL VETASSESS
Vehicle Body Builder 324211 STSOL TRA
Vehicle Trimmer 324212 STSOL TRA
Veterinary Nurse 361311 STSOL VETASSESS
Video Producer 212318 STSOL VETASSESS
Visual Arts & Crafts Professionals (nec) 211499 STSOL VETASSESS
Watch & Clock Maker & Repairer 323316 STSOL TRA
Web Administrator 313113 STSOL ACS
Web Designer 232414 STSOL VETASSESS
Web Developer*** 261212 STSOL ACS
Welfare Worker 272613 STSOL ACWA
Wine Maker*** 234213 STSOL VETASSESS
Wood Machinist 394213 STSOL TRA
Wood Machinists & Other Wood Trades Workers (nec) 394299 STSOL TRA
Youth Worker 411716 STSOL ACWA
  • There are caveats on certain occupations (indicated via ‘*** asterisks’) which exclude the use of the occupation in certain circumstances.  A summary of Caveats on occupations is available.

Acronym table

The acronyms used to refer to an Assessing Authority mean:

Acronym Expanded meanings
AACA Architects Accreditation Council of Australia Inc
AASW Australian Association of Social Workers
ACOPRA/APC Australian Council of Physiotherapy Regulating Authorities Ltd/Australian Physiotherapy Council
ACPSEM Australasian College of Physical Scientist and Engineers in Medicine
ACS Australian Computer Society
ACWA Australian Community Workers Association
ADC Australian Dental Council
AIM Australian Institute of Management
AIMS Australian Institute of Medical Scientists
AIQS Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
AIR Australian Institute of Radiography
AITSL Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
ANMAC Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council
ANZOC Australian and New Zealand Osteopathic Council (Name changed to Australasian Osteopathic Accreditation Council from 6 August 2014)
ANZSNM Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine
APharmC Australian Pharmacy Council
APodC/ANZPAC Australian Podiatry Council/Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council Inc.
APS Australian Psychological Society
AVBC Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc.
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CCEA Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia Inc.
CPAA Certified Practising Accountants Australia
DAA Dieticians Association of Australia
Engineers Australia Institution of Engineers, Australia
ICAA Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (Name changed to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand from 31 December 2014)
IPA Institute of Public Accountants
NAATI National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters
OCANZ Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand
OTC Occupational Therapy Council
SLAA State Legal Admission Authority
SPA Speech Pathology Association of Australia
SSSI Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute
TRA Trades Recognition Australia
VETASSESS Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks a lot for making this website!
    Just wondering, if your skill is on the short term list, do you need to get sponsorship from a work place? Or can you apply for the 2 year visa without that?

    I’ve tried to read up on this but no luck so far.

    Many thanks


    • Afraid so Lily, you can’t use the STSOL to support a standalone visa. You must be sponsored if using an occupation on this list to qualify.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I have applied 457 visa through a migration agent in march 2017 but due to 457 abolishment web developer removed from the list.My Application status is Assessment in Progress.Now in July 2017 web developer is back in the list. So my question is-
    is there a chance to grant 457 visa ?

  3. I mean do I have to necessarily list down each and evry job I did back home, even if I’m not claiming any point through them?

      • Thanks. My public profiles’ resumes (linkedin, seek, indeed, etc.) would definitely match. However, I have submitted lots of resumes through various portals i.e. woolworths, apple, microsoft, iworkfornsw, etc. and I don’t even remember on how many or which portals I submitted my resume. Those resumes may differ from the one which I’m going to submit for 189 visa.

  4. One more thing. Once an individual gets invited after submitting EOI, does his/her CO checks his/her online job profiles for any discrepancy?

    • Online job profiles as in Linkedin etc? There is no official evidence of this no. Having said that I would be inclined to ensure that the online jobs match!

  5. Hi Mark
    I fall under Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures), 15 years plus experience in composites and 3 years sheet metal. Have Aircraft composites trade where most experience lies. Also gained Aircraft mechanics trade (minimal experience).
    Any hope for me to get into Australia in this line of work ?
    Rgds Barry

  6. Hi Mark, Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) – 233611 is missing from both these lists, that is (MLTSSL) and (STSOL). I have lodged an EOI last July for subclass 190 for NSW and yet to receive an invite. Am i still eligible for 190 ?

    • Unfortunately, if the occupation is no longer on either list then there will be no invitations offered for this occupation, eve if your EOI was submitted when the role was still on the list.

  7. I dont see Economist on both medium and short term list however it appears on combined. so which visa should I apply for if i got assessment for Economist

  8. Hi Mark, thank you for your prompt and valuable responses. I have gotten a positive assessment for financial investment advisor (222311) but i can not apply on the EOI yet because i have not yet attained the minimum points of 60. I am currently on 50 points without state nomination and trying to get the additional 15 points from English and my Oz qualification by September this year. It seems no state is sponsoring the occupation apart from NSW under stream 2, my question is will it make sense if i express my interest on EOI now and if *mistakenly invited i hope it will not lead to a rejection of visa. Apologies for the long story.

    • Hi Alexia, if you do not meet the criteria, I would be inclined to avoid applying now as your application will not be viewed favourably if it’s not compliant.

  9. Hi Mark,

    I received a positive assessment for Marketing Specialist in April 2017. I had lodged an EoI with the Northern territory, however, unfortunately due to the reforms the application has been suspended until 01st July 2017. Marketing Specialist no more features on the NT Migration occupation list. However, it has got a place on STSOL.

    What I am wondering is that if this occupation features on any state list after 01st July 2017, will I be able to apply for 489 visa? Will this visa still (after 01st July 2017) lead to permanent residency? What could be other options?

    • Hi Manish, the 489 Visa class will only allow you to remain in Australia for up to 4 years however if your occupation appears on any state list then yes, you will be able to apply.

      Your occupation will need to apply on the MLTSSL list to qualify for PR however if you were to go down the 489 visa path, a lot may change during this 4 year period.

  10. Hi Mark,
    will you be able to tell me which state will accept people with this occupation (223112-Recruitment Consultant).

  11. Hi Mark.
    I’m on 457 visa as a COOl my two years going to complete next year June 2018still can I apply for END plz reply me.

  12. Hi Mark
    Good work replying to everyone questions.
    If a company is willing to sponsor me under an occupation on the STSOL is a 2 year sponsorship the only option? Is it possible for the company to extend for another 2 years once the first 2 years are complete.
    Is PR a possible after 3 years (counting on a second 2 year sponsorship.)

    Thank you.

  13. hi
    is it possible that occupation in short term list will be removed in July? when will the list for next year come?

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