Submitting Your Eoi In Skillselect Tips
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Submitting An Expression Of Interest (EOI) In SkillSelect

The Australian Department of Immigration has recently published some top tips to help you submit your Expression Of Interest (EOI) In Skillselect

There’s some good stuff in here so we’ll share these tips below:

1. Make sure you express an interest in the right visa for your circumstances. Skilled visa options are available on the SkillSelect website at or you can use Visa Wizard to help you find out which visa is suited to you.

2. Confirm if your occupation is eligible for skilled migration by checking the relevant Skilled Occupation List.

3. Get to know the specific requirements for the visa you are interested in. Only certain skilled visa options are available through SkillSelect. The visa information booklets on our website will help you understand who qualifies to migrate to Australia. In particular, Booklet 11, SkillSelect includes information about how the system and process works.

4. Ensure all your documents are in order before you start your online EOI. Until you provide evidence of all required documents, such as an IELTS test and skills assessment, you will have an incomplete EOI in SkillSelect.

5. Read the ‘Getting started’ user guide on the SkillSelect support site. It has step-by-step instructions about entering your EOI details.

Electronic Travel Authority ETA (Subclass 601)

6. Record the unique EOI identification number that is generated once you have created your EOI profile. This number will be your username when you log-in to SkillSelect. Most importantly remember your security question answers. If you happen to forget your password this will be the only way to reset it.

7. When you fill out the EOI questions you should take your time and ensure you understand the questions. If you get stuck or don’t understand a question—use the question mark icons. They provide information to help you answer.

8. Update your details in your EOI as soon as your circumstances change. This will ensure your updated details are considered in the next automatic invitation round. You also won’t be caught out if you receive an invitation before updating your details—SkillSelect automatically suspends access to an EOI when it sends an invitation.

9. An invitation to make a visa application may be issued within a short timeframe after you submit your EOI. Remember, you must be able to support the claims you make in your EOI with documentation and have this ready to provide when making your application.

New Skilled Visa Points Test to be Introduced 1 July, 2011

20. Check the monthly reports tab on the SkillSelect web page. These reports indicate the number of invitations issued for the previous automatic invitation round. It also gives a breakdown of the number of invitation issued against each of the occupations on the Skilled Occupation List. If an occupation has reached its ‘ceiling’, or the maximum limit of invitations that can be issued for that certain occupation, then it is unlikely that any more automatic invitations will be issued for that occupation during that program year.

Have any of you already submitted your EOI? Do you have any further tips you can share?

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