• Problems Flying The Cats Down Under - Airpets - August 2021

    Problems flying the cats down under

    Some news on the cat front. We got an email from Airpets yesterday evening advising that the cats will not be travelling out today as planned. :( Apparently, when the vet saw them for their export health certificate she has said that one of the boys has an upper respiratory infection, it could possibly be […] More

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    The Cats go to Airpets

    Well, the cats went to Airpets today. I must say what a fantastic and professional set up they have there! It took us about three hours to drive down to Staines and both boys took the journey well. If anything, it was kind of comforting to see that that both cats slept for a decent […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Sending our Cats to Australia – Almost

    Well, the cats are sorted kind of. We decided to opt for a company called Airpets Oceanic based in Staines Middlesex. We always knew sending our two cats to Australia wasn’t going to be cheap and the transport service provided by Airpets was pretty much what we expected. Airpets will charge us £1469.00 to transport […] More

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    Are things finally starting to happen?

    Well, dare I say it but things almost appear to be happening. Spoke to the Halifax yesterday who are still beyond useless (not giving us the promised updates resulting in a number of ignored call-back requests). However it seems that we are now progressing with our latest buyers which is the best bit of positive […] More