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  • Places to Visit in The Great Ocean Road. 2018

    Places to Visit in The Great Ocean Road

    The Great Ocean Road drive through Victoria, Australia is one of the world’s greatest and most scenic coastal drives. You will truly feel as though you are driving along the edge of the world. Stand in awe of the limestone cliffs from the beaches below, take a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles or stop […] More

  • Melbourne Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Melbourne Australia

    Melbourne Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Melbourne Australia

    Things YOU need to know before you travel to Melbourne Australia. With a population of 4 million, Melbourne is Australia’s 2nd largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria. Melbourne has been rated the “Most Livable City” 7 years running. Melbourne Weather Winter is approximately 9 months long. Melbourne is cold in the […] More

  • HOW TO TRAVEL MELBOURNE (Best Destinations and Prices)

    Best Destinations In Melbourne To Visit

    Melbourne Australia is an incredible destination for travellers, foodies and nature seekers SO I wanted to make a travel guide for it. From the vibrancy of the downtown CBD to the picturesque Great Ocean Road, there is something for everyone here. We hope you enjoyed this video titled HOW TO TRAVEL MELBOURNE. Though our video guides […] More

  • Melbourne Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Melbourne Vacation Travel Guide

    Welcome to the latest video in our Australian Video series where we look to provide you with guided insight into the striking Australian State of Victoria. The scent of roasting coffee beans wafts through the air in Melbourne, Australia. This city is serious about its coffee, and if you’re game, you can base an entire […] More

  • Wanted Down Under - Series 7 - Day Family - Melbourne - Melbourne - p01j1n12

    Wanted Down Under – Series 7 – Day Family – Melbourne

    A British family is given the chance to experience what their life would be like in Australia before deciding whether to make the move for good. Jane Day has long believed that moving down under could give her family the lifestyle and home she dreams of.  But husband Simon is reluctant to give up the […] More

  • Wanted Down Under Series 9 - Ireland Family - Melbourne - Melbourne - 5c74eae95297d p02h98p7

    Wanted Down Under Series 9 – Ireland Family – Melbourne

    source Series in which families try out life overseas. Teenager Bea is desperate to spend more time with her hard-working parents and believes Australia’s the solution. The Ireland family agree they need to spend more time together – the only question is where in the world to spend it. With mum Nerys and dad Steve […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Migration Places To Be Cut If Coalition Gets Into Power

    Tony Abbott’s Coalition will cut net migration levels if it wins government, in a bid to stop Australia’s population reaching its predicted size of almost 36 million in 2050. Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison yesterday told The Australian the Rudd government had allowed immigration to rise too high and the population figure that Treasury’s Intergenerational […] More

  • Default Cover - Edit your Profile to add your own

    Australian property boom kicks off 2010

    Australian house prices rose last quarter by the most since 2003, and combined with the expansion of the manufacturing sector the central bank may have to extend a record round of interest-rate increases. Economists are expecting Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens to extend the benchmark lending rate, which reached 3.75 percent in December from a […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Iran to Australia – Dreaming of a better life down under

    Your reasons for choosing to emigrate to Australia will be varied. For us, as adults we saw the local parks and playing fields we used to play on as kids, turned into graffiti and syringe strewn scrap heaps. Australia presented us with the opportunity for a better life for our kids. The affordable housing, wide […] More

  • Victoria Announces Changes to Sponsorship Occupations - Melbourne - Optimized blue ocean1

    Victoria Announces Changes to Sponsorship Occupations

    The Australian state of Victoria has announced sweeping changes to the list of occupations that it deems eligible for state sponsorship under the class 176 visa for emigration to Australia. Migrants to Australia who seek permanent residence have the option of applying for a subclass 176 visa, if they are unable to pass the immigration […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    So where are you heading?

    A little while ago I added a poll (which is displayed on the left hand side of every page) to the site to try and get an indication of where folks would be heading to once they move down under. I’m not sure if the poll is a little bias towards Western Australia because that’s […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Busy Busy Busy

    Hi Guys It’s probably been the longest time I’ve spent without updating the blog and I feel ashamed :( I managed to get a promotion at work which has resulted in some pretty significant travel and a little less time to update the blog. Still, things seem to be calming down a little now so […] More

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