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  • Perth WA Seeking Regional Australia Statu

    Perth Seeking Return To Regional Australia Status

    It was never the smartest decision by the WA premier, Mark McGowan to take Perth off the list of regions that the department of home affairs considered as regional Australia back in 2016. Past state governments of both political sides had worked so hard to attain that status and to surrender it for short term […] More

  • Living in Western Australia Videos

    Living In Western Australia – Orientation Videos

    The Western Australian government has recently published a number of online orientation videos to help newly arrived skilled migrants and their families establish their new lives in Western Australia. These videos provide a range of useful information from schooling, playgroups, finances and transportation. We’ve included the current videos below for your viewing pleasure. Welcome and […] More

  • Perth, Western Australia top travel destination from Forbes

    Perth receives top travel tick from Forbes

    Western Australias capital, Perth has been included on the Forbes list of the world’s top travel destinations coming in at number 11. Perth was the only Australian city to crack a mention on the Forbes Top 14 Travel Destinations for 2019. Joining WA’s capital were a series of heavyweight travel destination including Paris, Amsterdam and […] More

  • Wanted Down Under Season 10 - Smith Family - Perth - Perth - 5c7501a6447ac p03g0wfl

    Wanted Down Under Season 10 – Smith Family – Perth

    Despite never having visited Australia, Paul is convinced that his family could have a brighter future there. For nine years, he has been trying to persuade wife Clair to buy into his dream of a new life on the other side of the world.  However, Clair is more than happy with their life in Scotland […] More

  • Western Australian Population Surges With Australian Visa Holders - Perth - western australia population1

    Western Australian Population Surges With Australian Visa Holders

    The population of Western Australia increased to 2.5 million people in March this year according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – with over 60% of the growth due to Australian visa holders. Western Australia is the country’s largest yet most remote state, meaning the state has relied on Australian visa […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Perth the fastest growing city in Australia

    New data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show Perth’s metropolitan area’s population grew by 3.2 per cent in the year 2008-09, making it the fastest growing metropolis in Australia. Combined with this, the City of Perth -which includes the CBD, East and West Perth and Northbridge – was the fastest growing local authority area […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Perth Weather – That’s what you get for gloating!

    I know I can often be a little romantic about the wonderful weather we receive here in Western Australia. Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world at the end of the day so it’s often very easy to gloat when the weathers so damn nice all the time. Yesterday it would seem was […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Getting Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Phew! What a scorcher. Yesterday saw the hottest day in Perth for nearly two years with the mercury hitting 42.9C . By 5am, the temperature at Champion Lakes near Armadale were already 30.4C – warmer than in Marble Bar, which is Australia’s hottest town and only 20.6C at that time. At time of typing the […] More

  • Western Australia Could Adopt State Based Migration Scheme - Perth - Optimized blue ocean1

    Western Australia Could Adopt State Based Migration Scheme

    Western Australia job advertisements surged 6% in December which is the strongest monthly growth since May 2007. Experts say that the renewal of the mining boom could force business to compete ferociously for workers. This isn’t good news for businesses in WA but it could be great news for folks looking to migrate to the […] More

  • Free Holiday Down Under Anyone? - Perth - Optimized blue ocean1

    Free Holiday Down Under Anyone?

    Here at Getting Down Under HQ we frequently get emailed by various folks and organisations that are looking for our help in promoting their products and services to the many visitors and subscribers who visit our site. As many of these services aren’t particularly appropriate (or simply smell like a bit of a scam) then […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Costa Brava looks nice – Still, it’s not Perth!

    An Article that I read on the UK website of the Independent Newspaper made me laugh today. It talks about the Girona tourist board’s latest attempt to spice up its Mediterranean appeal using an image taken here in good old Perth! The photo supposedly of the Costa Brava shows a man and a boy gazing […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Ten things I’ve noticed whilst living in Australia

    It’s two months to the day that we arrived here in Sunny Perth so I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by writing about ten things that I’ve noticed about that fantastic country that we now live in. I have a feeling that this will not be the last entry I make on this subject matter […] More

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