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    Coober Pedy – The Opal Capital Of Australia

    Coober Pedy is without a doubt one of the most unique outback destinations in Australia. Set in a stark arid landscape often compared to Mars, this outback mining town where many people live underground is the source of most of the world’s precious opal production. Coober Pedy is located about 850 kilometres north of Adelaide […] More

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    The Flinders Ranges – An Accessible Australian Outback Destination

    The Flinders Ranges are one of South Australia’s most popular outback tour destinations, and are world-renowned for their rugged mountain landscapes, spectacular gorges, sheltered sandy creeks lined with majestic River Red Gums, and their abundant flora and fauna. An authentic Australia outback destination, the Flinders Ranges are nevertheless easily accessible from the South Australian capital […] More

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    Kangaroo Island – An Australian Island Paradise

    Kangaroo Island has been described as one of earth’s last unspoilt island refuges, and with very good reason. This idyllic island located off the coast of South Australian is an idyllic tour destination for those seeking sun, surf, and everything that goes with them, including swimming, fishing, sailing and scuba-diving. Islands are almost always special […] More

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    Tasmania – The Australian Island State

    Tasmania is Australia’s island state, separated from the mainland by the 240 kilometre expanse of Bass Strait. A land of wild and beautiful landscapes, Tasmania boasts a comfortable temperate climate, quality wine and food, rich history and a leisurely, relaxed lifestyle. Tasmania is home to one of the world’s 10 best beaches (Wineglass Bay), the […] More

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    The Yarra Valley – A Premier Australian Wine Region

    The Yarra Valley is located a short 90 minutes north-east of Melbourne, the capital of the southern Australian state of Victoria, and is an idyllic destination for a day tour or weekend getaway. The Yarra Valley’s rolling green hills are brimming with vineyards, boutique wineries, orchards, cheesemakers and quality restaurants, and the whole region is […] More

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    Broome – The Pearl Capital of Australia

    Broome is a remote outback town situated on the Indian Ocean in northwest Australia. It is the largest town in the vast Kimberley region to the north of Western Australia, and has become a very popular travel destination in recent years. This popularity is due to Broome’s unique history, unique blend of cultural influences, it’s […] More

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    House valued – feeling positive

    Well, we had the chap from the Halifax estate agency around yesterday. Not the most talkative bloke but he gave us the news we wanted to hear. Basically, in the 9 years that we’ve lived here, our house as doubled in price. Assuming we get a buyer to pay this price, we’ll be able to […] More

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    Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games – information about the city of Melbourne

    The weather has been traditionally British recently, Lots of snow and very cold (averaging all of 2 – 3 decrees Celsius. However the 2006 Commonwealth games started in Melbourne yesterday and it was great to wake up to some live footage of some of the sports over there. The weather appears to be pretty pleasant […] More

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    The Australian Real Estate Market in 2006

    Australia has led the worldwide real estate boom and enjoyed record price increases over the past three years, but as 2006 gets underway many fear that the recent success of the Australian real estate market is not sustainable. While the Australian housing market may well face a short period of economic adjustment, there are still […] More