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    Australian Visas – Processing could be delayed to 2011

    The Australian Immigration and Citizenship department have started issuing letters to visa applicants who have applied for Australian Residency under certain visa classes. The letter confirms that priority will be given to applicants who are applying under the employer or state sponsored visa classes. In addition the letter also confirms that priority will remain for […] More

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    Wanted Down Under Makes a Return to the BBC

    Wanted down under has been an extremely successful format for the BBC with Series 3 of Wanted down Under being launched in the UK on Monday the 5th of January. The idea for the program is a simple one; If the job that you do is on the list of those in short supply in […] More

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    Australian Skilled Visa’s – An Overview

    For many folks looking to emigrate to Australia, the Australian Skilled Visa route is often the route they take when applying for perminant residency. There are many different classes of Skilled Visa so I have listed an overview of the different Visa Classes for you below: SKILLED INDEPENDENT (Permanent) – sub class 136. This is […] More