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  • ROTTNEST ISLAND - How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth

    Rottnest Island – How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth

    Rottnest Island is just off the coast of Perth, Western Australia and home to some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world. A protected nature reserve, it’s home to the quokka, a small wallaby-like marsupial. White-sand beaches and secluded coves include the Basin, with its shallow waters, and Thomson Bay, the main […] More

  • Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide

    The Margaret River region runs down the Western Australian coastline for over 80 miles, and stretches inland for a further 20. Busselton marks the beginning of one of Australia’s most scenic drives, Caves Road, which gets its name from the incredible limestone caves which honeycomb the region. Caves Road winds inland, through picturesque villages and […] More

  • Perth Australia: What to do in Perth

    Perth Australia: What to do in Perth

    Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Take a look at our adventure in this beautiful city with the perfect weather to go around and explore!. We hope you enjoyed this video titled Perth Australia: What to do in Perth. Though our video guides are designed to provide further understanding into what it might […] More

  • Living in Western Australia Videos

    Living In Western Australia – Orientation Videos

    The Western Australian government has recently published a number of online orientation videos to help newly arrived skilled migrants and their families establish their new lives in Western Australia. These videos provide a range of useful information from schooling, playgroups, finances and transportation. We’ve included the current videos below for your viewing pleasure. Welcome and […] More

  • what areas are classified regional for Australian migration purposes

    The Definitive Guide To What Is Considered Regional Australia

    Regional Australia is a beautiful place with its quaint country towns, friendly pubs and easy-going nature. For some people looking to migrate to Australia, the thoughts of a more rural lifestyle are enough to encourage them to call these regional areas in Australia home. On the other hand, for those struggling with gathering sufficient points […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Video – Western Australias Beautiful Landscapes

    Luscious, scenic, and filled with remarkably diverse experiences. This film which is getting a bit of air time on the TV here in Oz at the moment begins with the dramatic landscape of the Stirling Ranges, and moves through stunning South West locations including the coastal views of the Cape to Cape Walk, the cathedral roof […] More

  • Western Australian Population Surges With Australian Visa Holders - western-australia - western australia population1

    Western Australian Population Surges With Australian Visa Holders

    The population of Western Australia increased to 2.5 million people in March this year according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – with over 60% of the growth due to Australian visa holders. Western Australia is the country’s largest yet most remote state, meaning the state has relied on Australian visa […] More

  • New School Fees For Parents On 457 Visas

    New School Fees For Parents On 457 Visas

    If you have children and are considering a move to Western Australia on a 457 Visa then I’m afraid your journey down under looks likely to be a slightly more expensive one. Following changes flagged in the recent Western Australian budget, from January 2014 a new $4,000 fee per child per year will apply if […] More

  • ACT Updates Skilled Immigration Lists - western-australia - Optimized blue ocean1

    ACT Updates Skilled Immigration Lists

    The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has revealed its sponsorship criteria for workers wanting to emigrate to the state. The changes will have repercussions on Australian immigration for that area as some migrants choose to look towards other states for work. Each state or territory of Australia have their own skilled occupations in demand lists according […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Perth Weather – That’s what you get for gloating!

    I know I can often be a little romantic about the wonderful weather we receive here in Western Australia. Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world at the end of the day so it’s often very easy to gloat when the weathers so damn nice all the time. Yesterday it would seem was […] More

  • Default Cover - Edit your Profile to add your own

    Australian skilled migrants are highly paid professionals

    Almost 90 per cent of temporary skilled migrants who were granted Subclass 457 visas in 2009-10 to date are managers and professional workers, new figures show. The average total salary package for all new Australian temporary skilled migrant workers is almost $100,000 – an increase of $10,000 on the same time last year. The highest […] More

  • Western Australia Could Adopt State Based Migration Scheme - western-australia - Optimized blue ocean1

    Western Australia Could Adopt State Based Migration Scheme

    Western Australia job advertisements surged 6% in December which is the strongest monthly growth since May 2007. Experts say that the renewal of the mining boom could force business to compete ferociously for workers. This isn’t good news for businesses in WA but it could be great news for folks looking to migrate to the […] More

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